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‘Raju Chacha’ to premiere in Hollywood
09th Dec 2000   16.30 IST
By ApunKaChoice Bureau  

'However big or small the burger may be, you should have it one bit at a time.' Coming from the petite actress Kajol, the advice appeared strange, since she is simultaneously delving in matrimony, computeronics and acting.

But the sincerity with which she answered a question about how she managed the three vocations left few in doubt that she was an excellent manager.

Addressing a press meet in New Delhi on Friday evening, Kajol announced that her latest film Raju Chacha, directed by her brother-in-law Anil Devgan, is the first Hindi film to have its world premiere at the well-known Academy Theatre of Arts and Science in Los Angeles later this month. Asked why the film was being premiered overseas and not in India, she said this would give the film greater international appeal.

Her husband Ajay Devgan, who has produced the film and starred in the main role, added that the film would have some charity shows in India for children's organizations, since the film largely deals with children.

Tanuja said she was not connected with the film professionally and had only come to bless her children. She said as a mother, she felt very proud about what her daughter and son-in-law had achieved.

Ajay said in answer to a question that he did not believe in shooting abroad unless the story demanded it. In fact, he said even the songs in his films were only intended to take the story forward and missing any one of them would mean skipping a link. Raju Chacha - which apart from the husband-wife team stars senior artiste Rishi Kapoor and three children Saakshi, Harsh and Kinshuk -has been shot in Austria, Simla and Ooty.

The film, which has been touted as the most expensive film to be made so far had gone over-budget, but Ajay said this happened in most films. He added that part of the expenditure was because of the special effects including the use of computer animation. He said it had been 'fun to work with child artistes who behaved like kids and not like grown-ups as normally happens.'

Asked to say something about the theme and story of the film, Kajol said that the clips shown at the press meet amounted to the best speech that could have been made.