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Album Review
- Plods more, rocks little
By Nikhil Kumar

When Pritam happens to be at the helm of an album, you can expect a rocking soundtrack, rich in guitars, drums and techno beats. His compositions in Abbas-Mastan’s action thriller ‘Race’ bear the typical Pritam stamp, added with that déjà vu, or heard-this-before feeling.

The album opens with a pulsating number “Race Sanson Ki”, a cross between soft rock and dance track. The song is heavy on electronic guitars and bass riffs. Undoubtedly, it is Pritam on the strings showing his prowess with the guitar throughout the number. The song has a catchy riff that reminds you of theme tunes from ‘Mission Impossible’ and James Bond flicks. Singers Neeraj and Sunidhi Chauhan render the number in full gusto.

Race Is On My Mind” is the English twin of ‘Race Sanson Ki’ – it has the same melody and music but English lyrics interspersed with some rap rendition in between. But it needs to be mentioned that English lyrics are trite at best. Sample this: “Race is on my mind, race is in my soul, race is in my life, my heart is racing on.” It doesn’t require any special talent or imagination to pen banal lyrics such as this.

The remixes of ‘Race Sanson Ki’ and ‘Race Is On My Mind’ are the pepped up versions of both the tracks.

The album then veers into romantic mood with soft and mellow track “Pehli Nazar Mein” sung by Pakistani singer Atif Aslam, who is impressive as usual except when he superficially tries to sound mushy. The best part about this track is that its music remains lilting at best and never tries to outrun or outsound the singer.

Undoubtedly a fine composition, ‘Pehli Nazar Mein’ is ripped apart in its club mix where Atif’s vocals are made electronically tremulous, much to the torture of purists of music, like my humble self. The lounge mix of this track is no better either.

Dekho Nashe Mein” has all the noise but no power of music to really make you hit the dance floor. Kay Kay, Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan try their best to infuse energy into the song, but an average melody supported by third-rate lyrics (“rock the dance floor, aage bhi yehi shor, peechhe bhi yehi shor”) prove to be perfect nemesis for this track.

‘Dekho Nashe Mein – Latin Fiesta’ is almost the same as the original with extra beats added here and there, senselessly.

Mujhe Pe Toh Jaadoo” is a romantic track, a dance number and a bhangra song all rolled together into one. Singer Taz takes the centrestage in this track while Apache Indian gets a few lines in the edgeways. Sunidhi Chauhan gives the two dudes good company on microphone.

Zara Zara Touch Me” is a lame attempt at a sensuous hip-hop track. Monali sounds shrill, high-pitched and bland in this poorly written song. The music of this song reminds faintly of ‘Crazy Kiya Re’, but then, this is the hallmark of Pritam. He lifts from his own work.

The Asian RnB mix of this track has the same song set to desi beats of a dhol. And if this was not enough there is another remix version of the song to test your patience.

A little consolation comes in the form of ‘Race Theme Instrumental’, which is definitely pleasing to the ears.

To conclude, the music score of ‘Race’ is no great shakes. Save for the “Race Is On My Mind”, its Hindi twin “Race Sanson Ki” and the breezy track “Pehli Nazar Mein”, the songs of ‘Race’ plod more than they rock.

Rating: **
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