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'Raju Chor' turns a 'Chacha' at a whopping sum
29th Nov 2000   18.31 IST
By N K Deoshi  

Out of a sabbatical that they put to enjoying nuptial bliss Kajol and hubby Ajay Devgan are poised to embark upon a new innings of their acting career with a film that is being hailed as the most expensive production of Bollywood to date.

Raju Chacha, made at a mind-boggling budget of Rs 35 crore, is Ajay Devgan's third home production and brother Anil Devgan's maiden attempt at direction.

In the film Kajol plays a governess, Anna, to the kids of a magnanimous billionaire (Rishi Kapoor) who lives in a palatial dream house, rather a fantasy castle built in the idyllic surroundings of Ooty. Ajay Devgan plays the small time crook Shekhar who plans to detract a thimbleful from the brimming fortunes of the billionaire. In the meantime he also falls head over heels in love with the beautiful governess.

As is typical to any mainstream Hindi film, the billionaire takes the heavenly abode and his near and dear ones want to get rid of his children who will inherit his wealth, to gulp his fortunes all by themselves. Now that's when the swindler has a change of heart and steps in as the kids' savior and Raju chor becomes Raju chacha.

One highlight of the film is the swanky dream castle (spread over 56000 square feet) that the renowned art director Nitin Desai erected in Ooty at the cost of Rs 4.5 crore. Another highlight is the use of riveting special effects that will give a whole new experience to a cinegoer. One such visual effect features around 4000 children in a song at the end of the movie. Jatin-Lalit's music and Karthik Raja's background score groove in with the light-hearted theme of the film.

Scheduled to hit the marquee on December 28 Raju Chacha is Ajay Devgan's labor of love and passion. "It is a film made from the heart and soul", says Ajay who confided in the debutante director his cousin Anil Devgan to translate his dream on to the celluloid. Although he seems to have gone overboard in letting loose his purse strings, Ajay avers that no limit was set in the first place. "It's a passion to work and make something like this. Right or wrong will be made clear only after the release." Rightly said Ajay.