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Mamta Kulkarni is at it again
12th Dec 2000   15.45 IST
By N K Deoshi  

Some people never change. Such is the case with Mamta Kulkarni. The semi-nude photos she posed for a few years ago not only blighted her acting career but also incurred the ire of film fraternity and fans.

But then, habits die hard, and Mamta Kulkarni is back to square one.

She is all set to do a film, which is dubbed by many as soft porn disguised as a film on the temples of India. To be made both in Hindi and Tamil, the film (yet-to-be-titled) casts Mamata in the role of a devdasi, a role that provides ample scope for exposure.

Although Mamta avers that her role in the film is quite polished and affords enough scope to convey myriad emotions, experience tells us what she means when she says this. After all, hiding her real intentions under the garb of authenticity is nothing new for Mamta.

After the damp squib "China Gate", few roles came her way despite her best efforts. And the ones that did came from the South. If anything, she was deemed good only for the skimpily-clad roles. This one, a bilingual, was of course a lucrative offer hard to resist. And Mamta, as usual, snapped it up.