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Will Neetu go back to Rishi?
28th Dec 2000   15.50 IST
By Tanuka Chakraverty  

They were inseparable, with one not being able to live for a day without seeing the other. Especially Neetu Singh, whose sole concern in life at a career high and 21 years of age was Chintu nee Rishi Kapoor. Things, however, have changed drastically today.

The same Neetu who came back to Mumbai from Kolkata leaving a song shoot incomplete (which an understanding Amitabh completed alone) because she was missing Rishi (her fiancÚ then) terribly has walked out on the actor and refuses to come back to him.

Younger brother Rajeev Kapoor's wedding did cement the ties between Neetu and the Kapoor household to an extent. Neetu was always very fond of Rajeev and on hearing the news of his wedding called up to wish him. They talked for a long time and Chimpu urged his bhabhi to come back home.

Neetu's grievance against sister-in-law Reema Kapoor was also melted by the latter's visit to her house with flowers and apologies. Neetu attended the wedding and completed all her duties with keenness and poise characteristic of her. Neetu's participation in Chimpu's wedding was a cause of great excitement for her mom-in-law Krishna Kapoor as her favorite bahu was around. The two share a special bond.

Despite repeated requests from all members of the Kapoor khandaan to Neetu to come back, the bubbling actress of yesteryears still shies away and refuses to see eye to eye with hubby Rishi mainly.

Positivists of the Kapoor camp and people from outside feel that her joining the Kapoor household in its celebration of the last wedding of the third generation from Prithiviraj Kapoor is a strong indication of an impending Rishi-Neetu reunion. We only hope they prove to be right for therein lies the reunion of a quintessential romantic couple. It is difficult to imagine Rishi-Neetu separately.