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Sharad Kapoor's best is yet to come
07th Jan 2001   18.09 IST
By N K Deoshi  

Sharad Kapoor, the dopey-eyed actor, finally seems to have clinched his dream role. Following some commendable performances in "Josh" and "Aghaaz", the actor is all set to make an emphatic comeback in "Lal Salaam", a film that takes a candid look at the Naxalite movement in the country.

No, unlike his previous roles, he is not playing a psychotic lover or a street side gunda this time. In the film, Sharad plays the rural doctor Khanna Madavi, a humble and meek creature, while Nandita plays his fiancée who's forced by circumstances to become a Naxalite.

The film, directed by Gagan Vihari, is based on a true story and Sharad's role in the film is culled from real life. By way of homework Sharad met the doctor whose character he enacts in the film, and studied his behavioral idiosyncrasies to catch up with his mannerisms. Besides, the film's director spent six arduous years researching his subject.

Sharad accepts that his role in the film "was a challenge" and gave him the chance to explore his potentialities as an actor. Bogged in the thick of his ham-routine as he has been in his career, this is the first time he has got a chance to study a character and delineate its growth as the film progresses.

It sure is a first sign that the young actor is willing to see beyond the tinsel kitsch, its typical run-around-the-trees grind and try something different and meaningful. He may have given some good or some bad performances but dig it-- his best is yet to come.