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Kitu Gidwani unearths the actress in her
25th Jan 2001   20.30 IST
By N K Deoshi  

Some people are only too happy steering clear of the limelight.

In spite of having all that it takes to make it to the big league Kitu Gidwani avoids what she calls "the Bollywood big route". She rather digs unconventional roles and the films that are far removed from the beaten track.

Presently she is doing a Malayalam film with the National Award winning director Shyamprasad, and an American film with Hollywood filmmaker David Klaus.
While the former film has Kitu playing a polio victim whose one leg is useless, the latter titled Nicobar casts her in an entirely different role opposite the American actor Nick Stahl.

Kitu reveals how arduous it was for her to portray the character of an Anglo-Indian polio victim in Shyamprasad's film. Besides sprucing her linguistic grasp over Malayalam she had to act dragging her one leg throughout the film. Kitu, who already has good command over histrionics, is convinced that doing such varied roles helps her explore the many latent potentialities as an actress.

Also in the offing is Govind Nihalani's Deham which is a delectable adaptation of Manjula Padmanabhan's award-winning play--"Harvest".