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Rift between Raveena and Kalpana Lazmi?
11th May 2001   10.05 IST
By N K Deoshi  

After wiling her time for the want of better roles ravishing Raveena had hit a jackpot by winning over the acclaimed director Kalpana Lazmi. But the once-strong bond between the two has started to wither.

If the latest buzz in the industry is to go by Lazmi is a mite miffed with the mast mast girl.

Kalpana had formed a strong relationship with Raveena during the making of "Daman" and had promised her roles in her forthcoming films "Modh" and "Checkmate". Glad to be a part of Lazmi's group Raveena had gladly given her consent without thinking twice. Now it turns out that Ravs seems to be sailing in two boats.

She has already given the bulk dates to the mainstream cinema films that she signed in between, so almost no dates were left for Lazmi. According to the industry grapevine Lazmi is feeling let down by the svelte Ravs after investing hopes in her. The buzz says that Lazmi is even contemplating on replacing Raveena with Karisma (whom she has already signed to play the female lead in one of her films "Singhasan") or the dusky lass Tabu.

Raveena Tandon may have steered clear of the controversy surrounding her National Award for the best actress in "Daman" but now that the film is on the theatres she isn't getting many rave reviews for her acting. In such a scenario foiling her rapport with Lazmi would be killing the goose that lays golden eggs. Lazmi gave her a National Award and she is finding it hard to give her a few of her dates.

Well, it's about the time the mast mast girl had her priorities right.