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Beyond the forbidden!
23rd Feb 2004   19.52 IST
By ApunKaChoice Bureau  

A number of films are being made in Bollywood on subjects that explore female sexuality.

Bollywood keeps on becoming bolder with every passing day. What was once shunned as forbidden is now shown on the screen.

Presently running in theatres is one such film - Tum which is a suspense thriller woven out of an instance of a married woman's infidelity in which she goes physical with a man much younger than her age.

Although the film is having an average run at theatres, audience are more drawn to see the movie because of the presence of two 'bed sequences' involving Manisha Koirala and her co-stars Karan Nath and Rajat Kapoor.

And if Tum fails to satiate such 'eager' viewers, there is another film based on a similar theme in the offing.

The movie is Hawas which is the story of a young couple (played by newcomers Meghna Naidu and Shawar Ali) living in Dubai. While the husband gets busy with his business, the wife feels neglected and unsatisfied - both physically and emotionally. So she goes ahead and has an extra marital relationship, putting her own marriage in jeopardy.

Besides these two movies, there are a number of other films in-the-making that deal with the issue of suppressed female sexuality.


Manisha Koirala