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Tabu's swimming-pool kiss!
11th Mar 2004   11.04 IST
By ApunKaChoice Bureau  

Years of acting experience has taught Tabu how to shoot for some crucial scenes - like a kiss in a swimming pool.

The setting was quite erotic. A kissing scene was to be shot for M F Hussain's Meenaxi in the swimming pool of a plush hotel in Jaisalmer. The shot featured movie's actress Tabu and newcomer Kunal Kapoor .

The water was very cold. Using her experience of years, Tabu got into the pool half an hour before the shot was to be taken, while Kunal lingered outside. Although Tabu shivered for about fifteen minutes but she was completely prepared for the shot after twenty minutes.

Then Kunal got in the pool just before the shot was to be taken. And when 'action' was called and Kunal had to approach Tabu and kiss her, the young actor just shivered. A retake was tried but to no use and Kunal shivered again.

It was then the young rookie learnt that he should have followed Tabu's example and stepped into the pool a good minutes before the shot was to be taken.