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Is a lesbian story acceptable to Indian audience?
17th June 2004   22.22 IST
By Nitika Desai  

Can Indian moviegoers accept the depiction of a lesbian relationship in a film? Or is such a topic against our Indian values?

Films are nothing but the reflection of real life. And life, being multi-colored in its myriad dimensions, has many stories - stories of love, hate, forgiveness, friendliness and even homosexuality.

So when it comes to the depiction of homosexuality in films, why is it that certain groups get down to sheer acts of vandalism, even though it cannot be denied that homosexuals are to be found in India too?

The way Karan Razdan 's Girlfriend , starring Isha Koppikar and Amrita Arora in a lesbian relationship, is being slammed by certain groups, it only arouses the curiosity of those who haven't seen the film to go and watch that which is so strongly being objected by many.

Surprisingly, even the lesbian group Lesbians and Bisexuals in Action has rubbished the movie saying that it highlights lesbians in bad light. However, the group does support the movie director's freedom of expression and says it is not against more movies being made on the same subject provided 'lesbians are shown in good light'.

As for the audience, they are quite accepting towards the movie. We interviewed a few young people who came out after watching the movie and they said they had no objection to the movie's lesbian theme.

In fact, there was an incident in Bhubaneswar yesterday when the audience sitting in the cinema hall made the ABVP men beat an embarrassing retreat when they tried to stop the movie's screening. The screening continued afterwards.


Isha Koppikar

Amrita Arora