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Neha for sex before marriage
22nd June 2004   22.48 IST
By ApunKaChoice Bureau  

Her next film Julie is bound to create ripples, both in the censor board and in the public with the amount of hot scenes it contains. Neha Dhupia certainly is warming to the 'effect'.

Neha, who first came to notice by coming out of the sea in a tiny pink bikini in Qayamat , is doing the lead role of a college student-turned-prostitute in 'Julie'.

Reports are that film contains some really hot scenes, which ofcourse have been justified by Neha and the director Deepak Shivdasani, both saying that they were the needs of the script.

The promos of the film are already on air with one scene showing Neha's bare back with 'I Love You' written all over it.

And to say that Neha has completely evolved herself in the role of a babe won't be an understatement for the statements she has been issuing.

This is what Neha recently said when asked about sex before marriage: "There's no harm in having sex before marriage, from both the ethical and social point of view. In fact physical intimacy is healthy after you come of age. If people do get a chance to have sex before they enter wedlock, what's wrong with it?"

Make anything of the statement, but one thing is for sure, Bollywood is in for more heaving bosoms, more ecstatic moanings, more locking lips and more dare-bare babes.


Neha Dhupia