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A marriage that never made Juhi happy
27th Feb 2001   17.36 IST
By Little Birdie  

As news of proud parents Juhi Chawla and Jai Mehta gushing at the arrival of a bonny baby spreads across the country, something unpleasant strikes a discordant note in the otherwise happy atmosphere.

There's this little birdie that tells us that Juhi will at least find some happiness with her little girl. The birdie elaborates further saying that the chirpy Chawla was not very happy in marriage.

It was Juhi's mother who chose industrialist Jai Mehta as Juhi's husband. Juhi was very close to her mother. Though she never voiced her disapproval about Jai openly, Juhi's mother knew about Juhi's opinion on the alliance.

In an unfortunate accident Juhi lost her mother. The actress's emotional attachment to her mother led her to accept Jai as her husband. But she never really announced her marriage with him to the world. We just kept tossing Jai between Juhi's steady boyfriend and husband.

Anyway, junior Juhi should be able to ease out all those ripples and make Juhi and Jai a wonderful couple and parents.