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'Boomshackalak' with Apache Indian
03rd Nov 2000   13.17 IST
By N K Deoshi  

No other mainstream artist from this side of the globe has made his mark in international music circuits than the bhangramuffin Apache Indian. The amalgamation of Bhangara with reggae and rap that Apache brings about is too delectable for anybody to resist.

After his long hiatus from the music front Apache is again poised to take the center stage with his new album "Karma" in which he has collaborated with Boy George of Karma Chameleon fame.

A hard-hitting reggae album "Karma" culminated as the result of the efforts of Apache and his two cousins Simon and Diamond who have given the album its unique and distinct sound. The album also features a cover version of Apache's favorite Elvis track "In The Ghetto" which he has sung with Boy George.

Apache's musical genius came to fore with "Move Over India" and "Chuk De" which had the poignant blend of desi and English lyrics rendered superbly in his rich baritone. The song "Boomshackalak" became such a rage in US that it featured in five Hollywood soundtracks.

Despite the pop artist Boy George's emphatic presence "Karma" remains a full-fledged reggae album. The songs in it have an instantaneous rejuvenating effect on the listeners. The passion and fervor with which Apache unravels his musical genius is quite laudable.

The album has already garnered a fantastic response in the West and is selling like hotcakes in the Mecca of Reggae music-- Jamaica. Apache is also gearing up for the forthcoming tour of Pakistan.