Let the love flow: Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan has been moved by the incredible show of love his fans and the people of India have shown by giving an overwhelming response to his latest movie My Name Is Khan, despite the call for the boycott of the film from the Shiv Sena.

Though the superstar is in Germany for the Berlin Film Festival, he’s been tweeting his reaction to the amazing response MNIK has got at home.

“Power to u all and pray for our film and me. give our team strength to see us through this…let the love flow. hit us hard with it!!” (sic) SRK writes on Twitter.

When the media reports of fans thronging to see MNIK in India reached SRK, he tweeted: “I am humbled by this show of love & kindness. So don’t know what else to say. Overwhelmed & promise will make India proud with my hard work”.

An hour later, he added: “I realise today…I am just a film hero…You all in the theatres are the real deal. God, feel so loved & humbled. Hats off to all heroes.”