How To Delay Periods Naturally At Home

Women are bound to have periods every month. But situations come when they wish this cycle to halt for a few days. From a big occasion at home to an adventurous trip, the menstruation cycle can be a real spoilsport at times. But women do not want to experience the pain of the menstrual cycle while experiencing a grand occasion.

Cramps and abdomen pain is a common factor that makes women cranky during those days of the month. Besides all these, severe mood swings, allergies, rashes, abnormal physical conditions can be seen in many women. While they are handling all of these, they do not want to mess up big occasions. But no matter how much you plan, you will end up having a menstrual cycle messing up big occasions. Also, no matter how steady a cycle is, the dates tend to jump forward or backward from time to time, giving women a tough time planning big occasions.

Now that they have something big coming up, they want to halt their menstrual cycle for a few days. Medicines are available that can help a woman in this regard. But using medicine is not good as it has certain side effects that are not good for women who want to become mothers soon! So, women always look for healthy natural ways of delaying their periods. Here, we will discuss how to delay the periods naturally at home. If you have irregular periods or any medical or health issues, you are strongly recommended to consult a gynaecologist before opting for any of these.

How period delaying takes place?

Both natural ingredients and synthetic medicines work in the same manner. The medicine works faster and gives a real result. But the natural ingredients never confirm anything strongly. When you consume a medicine, it will increase the progesterone level of your body. These medicines also keep a balance of the estrogen hormone in the body. As a result, the body thinks that the woman faces fertility, and the menstrual cycle gets delayed. These medicines also maintain the uterus lining properly. If taken on a controlled dosage, this gives a good result.

But messing up with the natural flow of a human body is not good. So, using synthetic medicine can always harm your ovaries and whole fertility system in the long run.

Natural ways to delay periods

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a very common morning drink solution for people that want to shed some weight. The high acidic content in the apple cider vinegar cleanses the body’s system clearly and promotes weight loss. It is said that taking up a small amount of apple cider vinegar every day can delay periods for a few days. There is proof to back this theory, and hence it is not confirmed yet. But apple cider vinegar helps to keep the cramps less and maintains a low period bloating rate. So, if you face huge cramps during your periods, you can mix a spoon of apple cider vinegar with lukewarm water in the morning and drink it.


how to delay periods naturally at home


2. Gelatin powder

Gelatin, your humble ingredient in making a beautiful cake, can be a real saviour at times! Sometimes you have something very urgent coming up and cannot handle the period right at that time. Gelatin can delay your period for a few hours for sure. Though there is no medicinal proof available to strengthen this theory, this is an ancient practice in China. For several centuries women have used this technique to delay their periods for hours.

Then, they take the concoction several times a day to delay the period for another day or two! The process is pretty easy and similar to ACV. You need to add a spoonful of gelatin powder to lukewarm water and gulp it down.


how to delay the periods naturally at home



3. Gram lentils

The humble gram lentils available in your kitchen can come as a hack at this point. It can fill your tummy, and it can also keep your menstrual cycle at bay! First, take three to four spoonfuls of gram lentils. Then, dry Roast them on medium to low heat and powdered them to consume. Some people say that powdered gram lentils have magical powers to delay the menstrual cycle. But there is no medical proof to back this theory. Besides, overconsumption of gram lentils can result in indigestion.


how to delay the periods naturally at home


4. Fuller’s earth

Consumption of Fuller’s earth or ‘Multani mitti’ can be proven as a worthy hack to delay your periods. ‘Multani mitti’ has some essential substances that keep the human skin glowing and free from any infection. But legends say that consumption of 30 -35gm of ‘Multani mitti’ along with warm water can delay your periods to a few days. You can consume the concoction twice or thrice a day. Start consuming the drink a few days before your expected period date. This is not a tried and tested formula and not proven by medical practitioners too! So, if you are going ahead with it, do it with adequate precautions.


how to delay the periods naturally at home


5. Lime juice

Lime juice has amazing fat-cutting properties and helps your skin to glow. But parallel practitioners say that lime juice has amazing properties to delay your period. It works the same way as Apple Cider Vinegar. Lime juice is enriched with vitamin C, and it helps to soothe your body. With the regular consumption of vitamin C, period cramps tend to come down. As a result, you may not feel PMS problems and anxiety. But it also has some negative effects! As lime juice is filled with acidic agents, regular and overconsumption of this can lead to dental erosion and erosion of gums.


how to delay the periods naturally at home


6. Heavy exercise

If you started exercising offlet, your body is facing hormonal changes. Change of hormones can lead to different medical conditions. The biggest of them is delaying the period. If you are following a weight training regime, your body is surely facing huge hormonal changes. Your period will surely get delayed due to this process. The adverse effect is, you never know when your period resumes! So stay alert always.


how to delay the periods naturally at home


7. Mustard seeds

Both mustard seeds and chia seeds have amazing properties that can delay your period up to some extent. Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants, and it is said that they can delay your period date. Mustard seeds are easily available in the kitchen. You need to add a spoonful of mustard seeds in lukewarm milk and keep it there throughout the night. Then, in the morning, you need to gulp down the concoction. Many women said that this thing works like magic. But then, no medical evidence is there to support this theory.


how to delay the periods naturally at home


8. Papaya

Pregnant ladies are usually asked not to eat papaya regularly. Papaya has some amazing agents in it. It can hit the estrogen level brilliantly. Your body will not differentiate between the dates, and your period is going to delay for sure. Papaya is filled with carotene and beta carotene. It helps to control the uterine blood flow. If you want to delay your period to some days further, this is one of the best ways.

Though there is no medical evidence present that can strengthen the theory, women from different parts of the world have been using this remedy for centuries.


how to delay the periods naturally at home


9. Parsley leaves

Parsley can keep your hormones at a level. It is filled with A, B12, C, and K. Hence, it helps flush out excess liquid content from your body. As a result, it helps to reduce period cramps, and it can successfully delay your periods. First, you need to take a handful of parsley and add it to boiling water. Let the water boil until it comes down to half of the quantity. Now strain the liquid, let it cool down, and divide it into two portions. Consume it twice a day, and your period will stay at bay!


10. Uterus massage

Many women face PMS pain and cramps. This thing will help them the most. Go for an abdomen and pelvic massage or hire a masseur at home. Choose any oil of your choice and massage your lower body with it. The masseur knows how to massage your pelvic parts to delay your period. If you want this technique to work, you need to look for an expert masseur. Else, the technique will not work. If the person is an expert in her task, you will certainly get a super relaxing session, and your period will certainly get delayed.


how to delay the periods naturally at home



We have discussed here how to delay periods naturally at home. We do not encourage any crash diet or sudden lifestyle change. All the methods and substances described here are popular for ages among tribes and people of different countries. There is no medical evidence of any of these. No doctors or medical practitioners ever confirmed any of these.

If you are going to try any of these processes, make sure that you take adequate precautions and get the advice of a gynaecologist. Suppose you are allergic to any of these elements or have any medical condition. In that case, we will highly recommend you not follow any of these without the expert supervision of your doctor.

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