Kiron Kher in the middle of controversy

After the round of applause that bathed Kiron Kher with pride and contentment, some grimy facts have sprouted and are sullying the actress’s reputation of a brilliant performer.

Kiron’s performance in Rituporno Ghosh’s Bariwali definitely left its marks in prestigious film festivals, including bagging the NETPAC for the best Asian film in the Berlin film festival this year. Back home, the actress was bestowed with the highest honor of the nation, the National Award for being the Best Actress. But all doesn’t seem to be well now.

A voice, that is reported to be of one Rita Koyral of West Bengal, who has supposedly dubbed for Kiron in the film, is causing a lot of embarrassment and trouble for Kiron. And Kiron maintained all the while that she dubbed for the film herself. Kiron even went to the extent of saying how difficult it was for her to pick up the nuances of ‘Bangla’ in a short time. That she went around with language books and a tutor wherever she went.

All that seems to be distanced from the truth now. In fact, the truth itself is being elusive. Did Rita Koyral actually dub for Kiron in Bariwali?

Rita Koyral, a successful television artiste from Bengal, is sulking at the way she has been kept away from the honors. As per the rules to enter the competitive section in national Awards, the dialogues of a regional film have to be delivered by the actor/actress himself/herself. And the allegation Kiron faces today can nullify her claim to the award.

Kiron, of course, dismisses the rumor as ‘completely rubbish’. She still says that it was after hours of rehearsal that she could deliver the dialogues correctly. And she really worked hard on it. According to her, she is not even aware of a Rita Koyral.

In Rita Koyal’s version, Kiron talked to her and swore her to secrecy about her dubbing for the film. But now when Rita sees Kiron walking away with all the accolades, she feels dejected and hurt.

The issue maybe taking the shape of a controversy but Kiron reiterates that it was she who, with a lot of hard work, dubbed for the film. The allegations in her words are baseless.