Sharmila Tagore wants Health Minister to focus on real issues

Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss’s desire for not showing drunken scenes as a tool of humour in movies is not welcomed by Censor Board Head Sharmila Tagore , who said the minister should focus on real issues.

“First it was about smoking, then the minister spoke about chips and now alcohol. I think what is primarily important is that he should focus on real issues like fake medicines. There are a lot of drugs that are fake and it’s a known fact, which is actually causing a lot of problems,” she said.

Ramadoss has criticised Shah Rukh Khan ‘s performance of a drunken junior artist in Om Shanti Om and expressed pity that these actors are the role models of country’s young and old people and they convey a wrong message.

Ramadoss had earlier criticised Saif Ali Khan , for endorsing Lays Chips and even cited the actor’s heart attack in relation to his brand endorsement.

Tagore said that she was not against the minister’s statement on alcohol, but added that before making any observation about the film sector, “the minister should take into consideration the views of people involved in the film making business”.

Ramadoss had earlier this week raised concern on as to how actors on screen are shown consuming liquor.

Terming it as “unfortunate”, he had said earlier only villainous characters were shown consuming liquor but now even heroes are also shown consuming it.

Such things have a negative effect on the young population and a national policy on alcohol would soon be framed, he added.

Ramadoss had in the past also criticised the film industry for promoting smoking by showing actors openly indulging in it on screen.