‘Chalte Chalte’

Chalte Chalte adheres to the age-old Bollywood formula of two strangers meeting, falling in love and later getting married, only to get separated. Misunderstandings and lack of adjustments drives two lovers apart. In this period of separation the two take a stock of things and realize their own mistakes.

Shahrukh Khan plays Raj, the owner of a transport company. He is a fun-loving guy who likes getting in the driver’s seat at the drop of a hat and is also an ardent admirer of Sunny Deol’s songs.

One fine evening, Raj has a coincidental encounter with the lady of his dreams Priya (Rani Mukherji) on his way to Mahabaleshwar hill station.

Priya is a modern and suave girl who hails from Greece. She is a fashion designer and has high hopes from her life.

Raj is immediately struck by Priya’s charm and beauty. Although the two have opposite personalities they get along quite well. Raj does his best to woo Priya but she keeps rebuffing his advances. She is supposed to get married to her childhood friend Sameer (Jas Arora).

After Raj drops Priya at her destination, all he has is her phone number, which he loses. The realization that he may not be able to contact Priya again only increases his desperation and determination to see her.

Then what, the great Indian hero makes his epic journey through seven seas to the land of Socrates to find his ladylove. He finds Priya and the two go about painting the town and have a jaunt through Mikanos amusement parks. Meanwhile, Priya discovers she too cares for Raj.

So the two decide to get married. But their marital bliss doesn’t last long. Putting up together becomes difficult for the two. Squeaky clean and disciplined Priya always keeps nagging Raj for his disorderly and chaotic lifestyle.

Moreover, Raj is often subject to taunts from Priya’s family and friends.

Things go out of hand when Priya borrows Rs 15 lakh from Sameer to help Raj out of an impending insolvency. Hubby’s pride takes a beating and he breaks bottles, shoos off guests at a party, and embarrasses and insults Priya in front of Sameer.

That is enough to drive a wedge between their relationship. Priya packs her bags and moves in with Anna Mausi (Lilette Dubey), who never approved of Raj anyway.

The once-happily married couple are now torn apart. Will they reunite?

Chalte Chalte has many romantic and lighthearted moments, but overall the film reeks of usual Bollywood mush and schmaltz. The movie will appeal to those who dig candyfloss romance with a perfect ‘Mills and Boon’ setting. But for those looking for some substance Chalte Chalte drags.