Socha Na Tha

Sometimes love happens in a most unpredictable way. Socha Na Tha is the story of two such characters who think they are not made for each other, until the Cupid strikes.

The film marks the debut of Abhay Deol, yet another stallion from the Deol stable. Abhay has no doubt inherited some acting genes from his illustrious father Dharmendra, but the young lad still has an uphill climb ahead of him before he can carve his own niche like his two elder brothers Sunny and Bobby have.

In the movie Abhay plays a character who is never sure of what he wants.

Viren (Abhay) is in love with Karen (Apoorva Jha). But he has never expressed his love to her.

Viren’s family wants him to marry Aditi (Ayesha Takia). The two seem like a perfect match for each other. But before their marriage could be fixed, Viren confides to Aditi that he is love with someone else. The two reach a pact that Viren would turn down the marriage proposal. This creates a feud between the two families.

Meanwhile, Viren expresses his love to Karen and she agrees. Fortunately for Viren, Karen’s family too approves of him. But Viren’s family does not want a catholic bahu.

Complications continue and Viren too continues to meet Aditi. The two share remarkable comfort level with each other and talk about all and everything with no bars on hold.

Then things take another turn. Viren’s family agrees to his marriage with Karen. But now our Mr. Vacillation realizes that he is actually in love with Aditi.

Having made up his mind (and heart), he now faces a few hurdles. First, Aditi refuses his proposal. Not because she doesn’t love him. But because of her self respect. Secondly, Aditi’s family is now dead against accepting Viren as their damaad.

The lovers have no other option but to elope. The outcome of their love story is quite predictable.

Debutant director Imtiaz Ali has made a fine romantic movie with many light moments strewn in between. He unspools the movie’s story at a controlled pace, retaining the audience interest.

The chemistry between Abhay and Ayesha is for real. The two actually look drawn towards each other as the movie progresses and there is no hint of superficiality in their portrayal of two unlikely people falling in love gradually.

The songs in the movie are soft and go well with its theme.

All in all, Socha Na Tha will go down well with youngsters.