‘Koyla’ A poorly made film

Both Shah Rukh and Madhuri are pinning their hopes on this movie. Madhuri is wondering whether she can regain her lost glory. Hopefully this movie will not prove as disastrous as their earlier movie `Anjaam’. Anyway Rakesh Roshan thinks letter `K’ is always lucky for him and hence all his movies start with the letter `K’, for instance Khoon Bhari Maang, Karun Arjun and the rest. As far as Sh…ah R….ukh is concerned, thank god! he is not donning the same hakla role.

The story is set against the backdrop of coal mines which is controlled by none other than Ambrish Puri – the baddie. He along with his brother terrorise the villagers. Shankar (Shah Rukh) is a domestic help in Amrish Puri’s house. Gauri (Madhuri) is shown Shankar’s photograph and she agrees to marry him. It is very late when she realises that she has married Amrish Puri and not the innocent looking Shankar. Ever heard `Better late than Never’. So, the hero takes the initiative to save the heroine from the clutches of his cruel master. On their way to freedom, the love between the two blossom and they decide to take revenge on Ambrish Puri and his brother.

One thing which never changes is our Bollywood scripts. It is a pity that we watch the same masala formulas time and again. It is entertainment you see