Rahul Roy ties the knot

Rahul (Casanova) Roy has finally settled down. After going around with model Rajlakshmi Khanvilkar for over two years, the wedding finally took place.

Earlier the couple had scheduled the saat-pherasfor November 21 but for undeclared astrological reasons, they finally settled down on Ganpati.

However Rajlakshmi’s parents were quite apprehensive about the match because of Roy’s reputation.

Rajlakshmi, ex-wife of model Sameer Soni is thrilled. Right now, Rahul is going through the worst phase of his career despite that she is ready to give him a chance.

The couple are full of praises for each other. Rajlakshmi who has gone through the pangs of a broken marriage with model Sameer Soni has chosen him for his patience and fatherly care, which he bestows upon her. Rahul admires her for her bluntness. Rahul believes that his marriage has made him religious and he has started believing in god.

The two ex-girlfriends of Roy were surprised that finally the incorrigible flirt made it to the altar. Suman Ranganathan, famous more for her roaring affair rather than her films was taken aback

Manisha Koirala who was good friends with Rahul was thrilled with the news and called back to congratulate him.