Isha Sharvani: Married to the God of dance

Her name literally means the one who is married to the God of dance. Isha Sharvani , the second actress of Subhash Ghai’s movie Kisna , has impressed many with her acrobatic dances.

They way Isha mixes the elements of Kathak, yoga, gymnastics and ballet in her dances is quite incredible. The nimble footed 20-yr-old has been training under her danseuse mother Daksha Seth since she was seven and has given performances in 22 countries over last seven years.

Acting in Bollywood was never a priority for her until she received a call from showman Subhash Ghai , who was looking for someone with unique dancing skills for Kisna. In Isha, Ghai found more than he had asked for.

Isha, who is an admirer of Ghai’s previous films, cherishes all the experiences she had while working on Kisna.

“I’ve learnt a lot from Kisna. I learnt the technicalities of acting. It was more complex than I had thought. You have to make sure your body position and face-angle vis-à-vis camera is right and many other things,” Isha told a news channel.

In another interview to a leading website, Isha said: “I liked the story of Kisna when I heard it. Before I signed the film, I was in awe of Mr Ghai’s work and the way he creates music. But after working with him, I am in awe of the person he is. He is a fabulous human being. He treated me like a daughter.”

So far Isha hasn’t signed any other Bollywood film. She says she is open to acting in Bengali cinema, art cinema and even commercial Bollywood films, if the roles are good and interesting.