Celina Jaitley befriends Preity Zinta

Celina Jaitley struck a friendship with Preity Zinta on a recent world tour.

Not all actresses end up having cat fight when they come together. This was evident by the way Celina got along with Preity Zinta and Sushmita Sen during the world tour in which they performed at a series of entertainment shows.

Although Celina has known Sush since her modeling days, she is glad to have found a friend in Preity.

It all began when Celina was given a low-class room in a hotel compared to other top stars on the tour. Preity Zinta, the outspoken actress, took the stand on Celina’s behalf and asked the organizers to treat all the actresses at par.

Celina, who is a junior actress compared to Preity, says she is thankful to Preity for having spoken on her behalf.

“Preity Zinta is like my elder sister. We bonded really well during our world tour,” a report quotes Celina as saying.

On the tour, Celina, Preity and Sush had lots of fun whenever they spent time together. Often Celina and Sush conversed in Bengali, while Preity teased them for leaving her out of their “mishti talk” (sweet talk).

After coming back from the tour Celina and Preity have kept in touch. They SMS each other quite often and sometimes even have a good talk.