Vidya Balan as Chandramukhi and Suryamukhi

There is an apparent contradiction in the titles of the two films Vidya Balan is acting in.

In Priyadarshan ’s Hindi remake of Rajnikant’s Tamil superhit Chandramukhi , Vidya will be seen playing a Kathak dancer who suffers from split personality.

On a different front, she is also doing noted filmmaker Shaji Karun’s film titled Suryamukhi, in which she will play the lover of the famous painter Raja Ravi Verma.

The two movies provide Vidya the chance to work with two of the most talented filmmakers in India. And both films have Vidya in pivotal roles.

In Priyan’s film, Vidya is paired with Shiney Ahuja . The two play a married couple who live in a majestic royal haveli in Rajasthan. The haveli was once owned by a king. Vidya plays a kathak dancer who starts getting delusions that she is the reincarnation of a dancer named Chandramukhi from the king’s court. Akshay Kumar plays a psychiatrist who comes to help Vidya.

In contrast, Shaji Karun’s Suryamukhi will have Vidya playing a Marathi woman who begins posing for a painter (Raja Ravi Verma) from a royal family. The woman soon becomes the painter’s muse and the two even have a love affair.

The role was previously offered to Madhuri Dixit , but the actress declined it because the film might contain some nudity.

Ajay Devgan is most likely to play the painter in the film.

While the shooting of Suryamukhi is likely to start before this year-end, Priyadarshan plans to shoot his remake of Chandramukhi early next year.