Preity Zinta loved shooting in London

Preity Zinta shot in London for the first time for her forthcoming film Jaaneman .

“As a kid I was very exited about London and the Tower Bridge,” Preity said addressing a gathering of reporters alongwith the film’s producer Sajid Nadiadwala at The Bentley Hotel in London.

Preity said the “high point” of her shooting in London was a shot taken at the Tower Bridge.

Preity and Nadiadwala are in London in connection with the launch of the movie, which would be released worldwide on October 20 this year.

‘Jaaneman’ tells the story of a love triangle between three college students – Salman Khan , Akshay Kumar and Preity.

Nadiadwala has spent about Rs 350 million on the Bollywood musical, which is set in the heart of New York. “It has emotions, good music and a surplus sprinkling of romance,” the producer added.

Preity remarked that she is unlikely to work in a Hollywood production unless an exceptional role comes across.

“I don’t see myself working in a Hollywood film, unless I come across an exceptional role.”