Preity Zinta in Punjab for ‘Heaven On Earth’

Preity Zinta was recently in Punjab for the shooting of her English film Heaven On Earth .

The dimpled damsel had been shooting for the Deepa Mehta film in Toronto for about a month. The shooting was completed before scheduled time, leaving Mehta with a few spare dates of Preity, which the director decided to utilize by shooting important portions of the film in Chandigarh.

At a short notice, the administration in the city provided the crew with firm security, because film shootings generally attract huge crowds in Punjab.

Though the shooting had to last not more than a few days, Preity had her personal bodyguards for extra safety.

Preity has previously shot for other films in Punjab and has loved the state’s beauty and its people.

In ‘Heaven On Earth’, Preity plays a battered Punjabi housewife in Canada who is a victim of domestic violence.

Sounds similar to Provoked ? Deepa Mehta says her film is very different from the one starring Aishwarya Rai .

Meanwhile, the filmmaker is pretty impressed by the acting abilities and work ethics of Preity Zinta.