Neha Dhupia swept off her feet by Richard Branson

In an impromptu move, Virgin Group’s head honcho Sir Richard Branson literally swept Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia off her feet at a function in Mumbai on Sunday night.

At an event marking the launch of Virgin’s youth-focused mobile service in India, Richard Branson was his usual flamboyant self. Neha Dhupia danced to the song “Aaj Ki Raat” before Branson showed his bhangra steps on stage in the song “Mauja Hi Mauja”.

So charged up was Branson after his performance that he lifted Neha Dhupia in his arms and gave her a 360-degree spin. The twirling actress was left dangling half way upside down in Branson’s arm.

A visibly shocked Neha smiled to the cheering crowd, checked her clothes, and took Branson’s gesture in right spirit.

Neha says she was caught completely off-guard by Branson who did not even give her a hint of what he was about to do. After the act, Neha took some time to regain her composure.

Reportedly, Branson later asked her if she was all right and she just laughed the whole matter off.