Salman Khan gets brawnier for ‘Veer’

Salman Khan has been undergoing much toil and sweat to get in shape for Veer , the story of which is written by the superstar himself.

Not that Salman was ever out of shape, but he has been toning up his muscles and working out rigorously to acquire a brawny look to play the role of a brave warrior in �Veer�, which is set to go on the floors soon.

Over the period of last few months, Salman has been systematically working on his body (with guidance from his personal trainer) and has been following a strict diet regimen.

Now, the result is already showing. Salman has managed to broaden his chest by about 4 inches and his biceps by about an inch and a half. Despite this change in his upper torso, Salman�s waistline still remains the same, giving the actor the puffed-up look that would suit his character of a warrior.

According to a source: �From the start, Salman knew how he wanted to look in �Veer� since he has penned the story. Therefore, he didn�t need to be told by the film�s director or producer to work on his look. He began working out without anyone asking him to.�

�Veer� will be directed by Anil Sharma . Despite rumours that Sharma has been dropped from the project (because of alleged casting couch controversy), he still remains at the helm of the project.

However, Salman�s leading lady is yet to be finalized.