Padmashri a matter of pride: SRK

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan , who was conferred with the prestigious Padmashri award, on Wednesday said he considered the award a matter of great pride and a motivation to ensure that the people, who had bestowed on him love and affection, were not ever let down by his work.

“It is a matter of great pride that I have received the award, but the award also humbles me to think that my work has been considered as a national service,” an overwhelmed SRK told a leading news agency in Mumbai.

“I thank God and the people who made it happen. The award would also motivate me to ensure that I do work that continues to make me deserving of being a national servant. I am also happy to know that the people love me and are happy with the work that I do,” he said.

On whether the award had come early in his life compared to others in the field, “I cannot compare these things, nor can I speak about the timings. It could come now or 10 years later. I like to think of the award as an expression of the love that people have for my work,” he said.

“I am ready to take the responsibility of the award by ensuring that I do not let down the people who have felt proud of me. I am ready to work hard so that people remember the work done during my tenure.”

“I consider my work to be an entertainment, I believe I am in a service that is driven towards bringing smiles on the lips of the people,” he said.

On his family’s reaction to the award, he said, “They are very thrilled. My wife is happy and my kids also seem to understand that the award is an important one,” he said.