The Asambhav Movie Review

Over the years, movie fans have learned to expect nothing more than commercial entertainment from Rajiv Rai’s films. But his Asambhav fails to deliver even that. The movie is glossy but hollow, fast paced but shallow, technically sound but lacking in content.

The film takes a dig at the Indo-Pak issue and contains references to ISI, President Musharraf, Al Jazeera and the Afghanistan. It tackles the issue of terrorism through an almost unbelievable story.

The film is set in Locarno [Switzerland] where the Indian President Pratap Singh [Dr. Mohan Agashe], is on a short vacation with his daughter Kinjal [Dippanita Sharma], who studies in the U.S.

The President and his daughter are kidnapped and taken hostage on an island by a terrorist, Mabros [Shawar Ali] at the behest of an ISI official Ansari [Milind Gunaji]. Ansari also has the full support of the terrorist group, Al-Hamas, led by Yuzan Baksh [Mukesh Rishi].

To rescue the President and his daughter from captivity, Indian government launches Mission ‘Asambhav’. This mission is led by Captain Aadit Arya [Arjun Rampal], a skilled commando highly trained in combat and rescue operations.

On Ansari’s trail in Locarno, Aadit comes across Sam Hans [Naseeruddin Shah] and Brian [Tom Alter], who are involved with Ansari in the drug trade. The narcotics contraband is often smuggled from one country to another through a pop singer Alisha [Priyanka Chopra].

As Aadit sets out to realize mission Asambhav he finds a much wider terror network that he must penetrate to fulfill his task.

Ajun Rampal suits the role of a commando, but his acting skills need some polishing. Naseeruddin Shah on the other hand grabs all the attention with his portrayal of a golden-haired drug trader with a one-liner for every occasion.

‘Asambhav’ is a film that sticks to the beaten and worn-out Bollywood stereotypes. Over-dramatic dialogues, deliberately forced songs and inflated action sequences make it quite a predictable and stodgy fare.