The Dahek: A Burning Passion Movie Review

Dahek is yet another film trying to �solve� communal problem through love. Mani Ratnam’s over-hyped Bombay was also on the same theme. But director of this film seems to be confused.

The film is about the romance between Sameer (Akshaye Khanna) and Neelima (Sonali Bendre). They fear a routine family opposition. It is only when they discover they belong to different religions, they realize the gravity of the situation.

Neelima’s family is conservative. The only relief she has is an understanding grandma and a rational uncle Naseem (K.K. Raina). Her father Javed (Anang Desai) is also conservative. Her uncle Jabbar (Danny) fumes at the very thought of a traditional Muslim girl marrying into a Hindu family.

When the truth of Neelima’s relation with Sameer is discovered all hell breaks loose. Scared of her uncle Jabbar, Neelima tries to stop seeing her lover.

Sameer’s father (Dilip Tahil) is threatened of serious consequences if he failed to stop his son from meeting Neelima. In his fanatical belief to protect the family’s name, Jabbar arranges to hold the Nikaah ceremony of Neelima with a Muslim boy.

Unable to bear the separation from the girl he loves, Sameer along with some of his friends abducts her, and takes her away to a safe, secure place. That sparks a communal flare-up, setting the city on fire.

Oblivious of the carnage that they had set off, the lovers go about enjoying their privacy. Once they are detected at their hideout, they are handed over to their respective parents to ease the tension. But then tragedy strikes.

The problem with Dahek is its slow pace. The story is not new. Akshaye and Sonali have tried to give good performance.

Danny is good in his bad man’s role .The rest of the cast fails to click. The music is a big disappointment. Only the melodious Sawan Barse number is worth humming.

The overall impact of the film is disappointing.