The Hum Tum Movie Review

Hum Tum is a romantic comedy that explores love from a slightly realistic point of view. The movie does not show the two leading characters falling in love at the first sight. But it shows love as a gradual process, happening slowly over a period of years.

Director Kunal Kohli has matured after his forgettable debut Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. Hum Tum, which is his second film is made in the style of a modern movie but the emotions it explores are very much rooted in the Indian culture. These emotions are punctuated with light humor that really lifts up the movie in the first half. The interaction between Saif and Rani in Amsterdam and in New York are a pure delight to watch.

The chemistry between the two is just incredible and it shows on the screen too. The movie further lifts with the inclusion of surprise twist in the tale with the marriage of Rani and reaches its height at the interval point when Saif learns of Rani’s predicament.

In the second half things begin to cool down and the pace of the narrative drops. The viewer interest begins to wean away as the proceedings become predictable, drab and sobby.

The heated argument between Saif and Rani [at Jimmy Shergill and Isha Koppikar’s engagement ceremony] is filled with emotion, but it does not justify Rani’s packing her bags and leaving for an unknown destination. Even the climax of the movie fails to live upto the expectations raised in the first half.

But Hum Tum still leaves an impact thanks to brilliant performances by Saif and Rani. Unlike many other Bollywood stars in who one can detect a trace of imitation of yesteryear legends, Saif has pretty much his original style of acting. He is coming of age as an actor with every movie he does. He is also quite suitable for comedy roles.

Deserving no less credit is Rani who gives a sensitive performance of a character who matures from a feisty girl to a woman who has undergone various ups and downs of life. Rani brings the credibility, sensitivity and vulnerability to her character with the mien of a veteran.

In a nutshell, Hum Tum is a romantic comedy with modern outlook but content filled with unadulterated Indian emotions.