The Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi Movie Review

Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi is a love story. The movie is set against the backdrop of a Performing Arts College. It tells story of pain, hurt, laughter, fun, hope and finally, achievement of a group of students.

The film revolves around a group of talented friends, whose lives undergo a complete change with the arrival of a new student… Khushi (Rinke Khanna).

The friends consist of Sids or Siddhant (Dino Morea nee ‘Siddhant’), Bhargav or Bugs (Sanjay Suri), Ronnie (Akash Sehgal), Radha (Shevelaty Salve), Ruby (Melody), KS and ‘Haklu’ because he stammers a lot. They all are the young and vibrant students of National Institute of Performing Arts.

With Kushi comes a lot of happiness in their lives and as the days pass by, both Sids and Bugs fall in love with her. But Kushi loves Sids. Sids is driven by a burning ambition of becoming a singer. He throws friendship aside for a desirable woman (Roxy), who he believes, is his stepping stone to success.

He dreams of becoming the greatest pop singer and perform with Roxy. But nothing stops them (Sids and Kushi) to come closer and closer each day.

Suddenly emotions begin to surface… which further gives way to the group maturing even further from the creature performers they already are. However, all of them also go through their share of personal pain.

Bugs finds himself falling deeper and deeper in love with Khushi, but is forced to keep it a secret that only he can treasure.

Khushi, broken by Sid’s lust for another woman, returns to her comfortable yet lonely existence… The very home that she left to find genuine love and lasting friendships.

Emotional upheavals also haunt the rest of the group when a close colleague develops AIDS.

The film is a good try by newcomers but fails to retain viewers’ attention for too long. This movie has been promoted as a brand and it has got lot of publicity in the media. Music is it’s main strength. Musu Musu, Lakhon Diwane and Dil Se Mere are some of the good songs in the movie.

Dino Morea and Rinke Khanna have a lot to learn in the field of acting. Rest of the cast is just OK. Raj Kaushal’s direction is good but only in parts. The movie seems to have been made for the MTV generation. They will love it.