Tauba Tauba

The Tauba Tauba Movie Review

BY: Nitika Desai


Tauba Tauba is about adolescent youth and its fixation with ‘objects’ of sexual desire. At the center of the story is a fifteen-year-old boy who is irrecoverably drawn towards his sensuous teacher.

Director T.L.V. Prasad has tried to lure the audience by incorporating a sexually explicit theme in the film and supporting it with a good number of titillating acts by two hot babes – Payal Rohatgi and Monalisa.

The movie tells the story of an adolescent boy Sunny (Amin Gazi) who is attracted to his teacher (Payal Rohatgi). He and his friends never miss a chance to take a peek into ‘the forbidden’ whenever opportunity presents itself. They slobber at the sight of their teacher’s cleavage whenever she bends down. They ogle at her curvaceous body when she exercises. The remaining image is thereafter completed by their over-active imaginations.

The term at school comes to an end and vacations follow. Sunny goes back to his opulent house in Pune where he feels utterly alone because his millionaire father is always busy making more money. So Sunny starts spending time on Internet, obviously browsing porn sites.

Sunny is caught seeing these sites by his father’s manager Rocky [Rocky Sandhu]. Rocky has a dream of making a film with his girlfriend Rubina (Monalisa) as the heroine. But he needs to pay back a big amount to money to a guy named Sultan bhai before he can realize his dream.

In the meantime, Sunny’s school friend Lokesh visits him one day and tells him about this voluptuous woman living in Sunny’s neighborhood. Sunny is baffled to know that all this while he was watching porn but did not notice that there was a ‘sex goddess’ living in his neighborhood. Moreover, the neighbor is their teacher Payal (Payal Rohatgi). She is a single woman, living alone and has a flair for skimpy dresses – all that the boys want.

So, it is only a matter of time before Sunny introduces himself to his irresistible neighbor. One night, Sunny finds Payal very inviting and he grabs the opportunity by neck and, to his good luck, gets laid. But to his misfortune, he wakes up the next morning to find Payal dead.
A shocked Sunny rushes towards home only to bump into Rocky, who offers him help to get rid of the body.

But Sunny’s troubles are far from over. One day he receives a letter containing photos of him burying Payal’s body. The blackmailer demands Rs 1 crore which Sunny pays through some blank cheques of his father. However, a few days later, Sunny spots Payal in departmental store. Shocked again, he approaches her and she tells him that it was all a plan hatched by Rocky. She supported Rocky because she needed money for the medical expenses of her boyfriend.

Feeling cheated, Sunny plans to get even with Rocky and get his money back. Payal promises to help him.

Tauba Tauba begins as a sex comedy but becomes more of a thriller in the second half. But the major pitfall is that the director fails to catch the flavor and the essence of the ‘sexually-overdriven’ adolescent age of young boys. All the attention seems to have been paid to the steamy acts by Payal and Monalisa.

Monalisa looks cute but doesn’t carry the sex appeal. The oomph quotient is formidably contributed by Payal Rohatgi who flaunts her well-toned body with little possible inhibitions. Young actor Amin Gazi looks natural playing a testosterone-fired young boy. But the art of acting is far from all three of them.

The film has a good dose of sexual exposure, balanced with comedy (in the first half) and thriller (in the second half). But sadly, there is hardly any substance in the story. However, if you expect to see lot of cleavages, or Bikini-clad babes, you will not be disappointed.