Rejuvenating Melodies – The Yuvvraaj Music Review

‘Yuvvraaj’ is a musical extravaganza from the showman of Bollywood, Subhash Ghai. The movie stars Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Anil Kapoor, Mithun Chakraborty and Zayed Khan.

Ghai is back after a long break with a musical film like this. And this time he is teaming up again with two great artistes – Gulzar saab and A R Rahman. So the outcome is a marvelous album with soulful songs and tunes that can take you to a different world.

Main Hoon Yuvvraaj – Salman Khan, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony
This song is for Salman Khan’s fans. Here he is announcing that he is a bad guy like the one we all remember in �O..O.. Jaane Jana� from ‘Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya’. And for sure you will love his voice while listening to the piece of motif from Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in the background.

Tu Meri Dost Hain
This song is a great piece of melody which will rule the hearts of music buffs for quite sometime. It’s a heart-wrenching track in the voice of new singer Benny Dayal and Shreya Ghosal and A R Rahman himself. Right from the start till the end the song has a enthralling magical effect which will make you forget everything and then you too will start humming �Tu hi to meri dost hai�. Benny has sung it with sheer perfection and his voice is suited to such an orchestral song. This song is already a chart topper now.

Tu Muskura
The track will definitely make you smile like its lyrics, though a melancholic strain runs through the entire song, rendered by Alka Yagnik and Javed Ali. A right amalgamation of both symphony and Indian classical makes this song different from all the tracks of the album. Alka Yagnik, who has sung various melodies, is back with another charming track. The song sounds so divine that you just feel exalted, thanks to Gulzaar saab for such heart-felt words.

Mastam Mastam
The track appears to be a celebration song. A light, well orchestrated song gives you the festive mood, with a dab of Latin fiesta. The song is in the voice of versatile singer Sonu Nigam accompanied by other bunch of talented singers – Alka Yagnik, Naresh and Benny Dayal.

The song, like the others in the album, can take you to an emotional ride. This is a beautiful rendition by Srinivas, very much like �Tu Hi Re� from ‘Bombay’ with very meaningful lyrics by Gulzaar saab. The trauma of life without beloved and enduring loneliness is well exemplified in this song. �Zindagi Zindagi.. kya kami rahe gayi, ankh ki core main kyun nami reh gayi�

Shano Shano
This track is a perfect party number with a remarkable starting like the disco songs of 60’s and 70’s with the quintessential Rahman touch and some rapping too. The number makes you recollect the songs by Rahman of his earlier stage as the music director. Lyrics seem similar to �Urvashi Urvashi� from ‘Humse Hai Muqabla’. A disc number vocalized by terrific set of crooners – Sonu Nigam, Srinivas, Karthik, Timmy, Sunaina, Vivienne Pocha and Tina.

Dil Ka Rishta
A terrific orchestral number with high energy level, sung well by the trio of Sonu Nigam, Roop Kumar Rathod and A R Rahman himself (the classical notes especially). This song is eight minutes long with a mind blowing effect – a rendezvous with orchestra and perfect synchronization between western and Indian classical. Again, the bard Gulzar has written subtle lyrics with poetic sensibility.

Mannmohiney Morey
Again a Rahmanish song that can be created only by a maestro like him. An ideal blend of Indian semi-classical Thumri with symphony is sheer pleasure for your ears and is rendered by Vijay Prakash. It’s a short track.

In ‘Yuvvraaj’, A R Rahman has come up with such an album that it’s hard to match its excellence with any other comtemporary album. And music lovers should be grateful to Subhash Ghai for conceiving such a theme where this high quality music can be used.

The music is innovative, experimental and once again proves that A R Rahman is very rightly called by many as the Wizard of Music.