5 Best Indian Web Series Worth Watching During The Lockdown

As we have loads of time to spend because of the lockdown so why not utilize it wisely? The time has come to elude the boredom and head over to your devices to experience top-notch series. We entirely understand how it feels like when you get yourself disappointed after watching those purposeless and impractical movies or series. Therefore we have compiled the set of series which are exceedingly amazing and leave you awestruck and amazed. The best part is, you need to pay for any subscription as all these series are ready to be accessed free on YouTube.

  1. Kota factory

Channel- The Viral Fever

It’s black and white Indian web series, which will take you thoroughly to the outright journey of Vaibhav Pandey. Vaibhav Pandey (Mayur More) is a young boy who leaves the town and heads over to Kota to fulfill his dream of studying at IIT college. Apart from demonstrating the arduous journey of a young boy, the series reminds of the first love, loyal friends, and incredible mentors.  In Shubh Mangal Zyada Savadhan, we got to witness the debut of Jitendra Kumar, who reminds you about a teacher that will always be a helping hand.

Source: https://www.binged.com/

  1. Pitchers

Channel- The Viral Fever

The trend of a startup is slowly and steadily taking place in India. The series presented by the TVF is all about the journey of 4 friends leaving their 9 to 5 jobs and willing to grind together. Gone are the days when people were pretty much satisfied by the regular 9 to 5 jobs. TVF has undoubtedly done a great job by keeping the entertainment, information, and comedy in the series.

Source: https://tvfplay.com/

  1. Baked

Channel – ScoopWhoop

Pranay Manchanda, Mohammad Harris, and Manik Papneja are the three roommates studying in the University of Delhi. In order to make some money, they decide to deliver midnight food delivery services. Getting their job done together with the college always sets them in arduous situations and trouble.

Source: https://www.aninews.in/

  1. Little Things

Channel- Dice Media

It’s a romantic web series about two exceedingly ambitious couples. The name of the series stands to its name and focuses on little, especially when it comes to relationships. The story revolves around the live-in relationship between Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar, who are ambitious to the extent that it affects their relationship. But, at the end of the day, they finally come to realize that life is all about big dreams and little things.

Source: https://www.filmcompanion.in/

  1. What the folks

Channel- Dice Media

The story is pretty much popular and widely known all across the county. The story is about a husband-wife and their in-laws. The presentation of the characters is authentic to the extent that anyone belongs to the Indian family will be able to relate to it. The best thing about it is that; it is immensely realistic and loaded with humor. Apart from being funny and lighthearted, it has also addressed various social issues. There is no denying that it’s undoubtedly a perfect show to watch with your family.

Source: https://www.iwmbuzz.com/

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