Astragalus Benefits For Skin: Acne, Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Old is gold, and this saying goes along with the habits humans are adopting in this modern era. The cosmetic industry worldwide is booming and is making profits of billions of dollars each year. These products bear short term results. On the other hand, natural ingredients though take time but are good for health. Astragalus root is one such Chinese herb that helps get a good quality of the skin and holds several skin benefits. Astragalus benefits for skin do wonders.

Many people use these ingredients along with other ingredients to maximize the results. One thing that is important with natural ingredients is regular consumption and a small amount of patience. The results come across but, in some cases, can take some time. Unlike any chemical product, the results of these natural ingredients are long-lasting.  

“Astragalus is one natural herb which offers plenty of benefits and that too in less time”


astragalus benefits for skin


Astragalus Benefits for Skin & in general

1. Helps in fighting to age 

The ingredients present in Astragalus helps in fighting problems of ageing like wrinkles, fine lines, spots, etc. The antioxidants present in this ingredient is mainly responsible for fighting free radicals, which ultimately causes all these ageing problems. It also reduces pigmentation and helps in keeping the skin fresh and healthy. 


astragalus benefits for skin


2. Helps in getting elasticity and prevents dullness 

There is one protein that is produced naturally by our body, and it is known as collagen. It is responsible for providing elasticity to the skin, preventing dullness, and giving skin colour. Astragalus helps inefficient production of that protein which eventually makes skin quality better within a few weeks. 


astragalus benefits for skin


3. Promotes hyaluronic acid 

This acid has a linkage with an individual’s age because as age increases, this acid decreases. The acid helps in the formation of a protein that is collagen, and when the quantity of acid goes down, then the skin starts looking dull. Astragalus has all those ingredients that promote the growth of this acid. 


hyaluronic acid 


4. Improves blood circulation and remove toxins 

Be it any part of the body, and it is essential to have good circulation of blood. It enhances the skin tone and keeps many skin problems away from the body. On the other hand, some toxins get accumulated and cause several skin problems. One-stop solution for all of them is the Astragalus root.  In various studies, it is shown that people who use this root are likely to suffer from no such problems. 


astragalus benefits for skin


5. Keeps allergies problems away 

Allergies or acne are some skin problems that don’t look good and reduce an individual’s confidence in social gatherings. Science says that there is no solution for allergies, and they can only prevent it. The prevention happens till the point one is consuming or applying for medicines. On the other hand, the Astragalus root keeps the allergies away from the skin as it holds antimicrobial properties, which gives relief from many skin allergies. 

6. Detoxifies the skin 

Clearing the pores is essential because dirt can cause irritation and other skin problems. Astragalus root is beneficial in detoxifying the skin and keeping the toxins away from the skin. It also makes a person look younger and is the easiest way to get glowing skin. 


astragalus benefits for skin


7. Makes the scars lighter 

Wounds or allergic reactions at times leave the scar on the skin, which looks bad. Astragalus is the best solution for lighting the scars and getting clear skin. 

8. Inflammation issues 

The anti-inflammatory effects of this root give relief from swelling and redness in the skin. Regular consumption of this root can give relief within a few weeks in inflammation. 

9. It reduces sleep issues. 

When the body is doing rest, then the production of collagen happens, and that helps in reducing the wrinkles from the skin. Astragalus root helps the body in getting proper sleep and reduces stress. 



How to consume Astragalus root?

One has to take two small pieces of root and 2 cups of water. Boil the water for 15 mins, and after that, the colour of the water would change. One has to drink that water three times a day, and within a few weeks, the results would be mesmerizing. 


astragalus benefits for skin


Ingredients which one can add in Astragalus root 

1. Astragalus root and elderberry herbal tea 

It is easy to prepare this tea, and for that, one has one teaspoon of astragalus powder and elderberry herbal powder. No one has to add both of these powders to two cups of water and let it boil for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the quantity of water would decrease, and the colour would change too. Now drink the hot tea thrice a day to get glowing and fresh skin. 


elderberry and astragalus


2. Astragalus soup 

Preparing astragalus soup is easy, and within an hour, one can prepare this effective soup. Firstly one has to take 4 to 5 slices of dried astragalus root and add 2 to 3 teaspoon red miso paste. Now add five shiitake mushrooms and add 3.5 cups of water into the mixture. After adding water, one can switch on the low flame and add four finely chopped onions. Once all of this is done, one has to stir the mixture well, and within 20 minutes, the soup would be ready. 

3. Astragalus soup for skin 

It is one of the most famous recipes, and for preparing this soup, one has to take one tablespoon of olive oil, five pieces of Astragalus, and 2 cups of shiitake mushrooms. No one has to add one teaspoon of black pepper and other spices. No one has to boil this mixture for 20 minutes, and then it would be ready to serve. 

4. Astragalus soup with essential ingredients 

Preparing this mixture is easy, and for that, one has to take four diced carrots, eight cloves of garlic, 4 quarts of water, two large peeled onions, and half a cup of miso paste. No one has to boil the mixture for 30 minutes which will change the color of the mixture, and the soup will be ready to serve. One can also add four teaspoons of nutritional yeast. 

“One always has a choice to choose the natural ingredients like these herbs to get glowing and fresh skin”


In case the root water is causing any skin problem or any other problems, one can immediately get in touch with a doctor and stop the consumption. 

Do not increase the quantity of root water as an excess of everything is bad, and it can cause some bad results on the body. 

In case an individual is already dealing with some problem, they have to consult with the doctor before consumption. 

Astragalus Face masks 

1. Eggs and Astragalus Acne mask 

It is easy to prepare this mask, and one has to take 2 to 3 eggs and crack an egg in a bowl. Now there would be a need to add 6 gram of Astragalus powder in the bowl and mix it well. It will help remove all the acne-related problems 

Before applying the mixture to the face, make sure that the face is not wet, and then apply the thick paste on your face. Now one has to wait for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash off their face. 


astragalus benefits for skin


2. Honey and Astragalus Wrinkles mask 

Preparing this mask won’t take much time because one needs to take some honey in a bowl and add a small amount of Astragalus powder. No one has to mix the mixture well. 

One has to apply this mixture on their face and give a gentle massage. It will help remove wrinkles from the face. Honey is an ingredient that is popular in making anti-ageing products. 


astragalus benefits for skin


3. Papaya and Astragalus for fine lines 

One of the best masks one could ever get is this mask. Preparing this mask is easy, and for that, one needs to peel off papaya and add a small amount of papaya in a bowl. No one has to add half a teaspoon of astragalus powder into the squeezed form of papaya. The final step is to apply this mixture to your face.




There are the benefits that Astragalus root offers to the body. As age increases, the body’s need for some essential ingredients increases too. There are some precautions that one needs to take care of while consuming this Astragalus root. In case one is purchasing the Astragalus powder from the market, they have to ensure that it is original and free from all the chemicals. 

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