Papaya enzyme for weight loss and benefits

Regular exercises and medications have proven to be beneficial for weight loss. However, exercises are not always possible for every obese person, especially those having severe health problems. On a similar note, medicines are not helpful since they might make you lose weight, but usually, most have other health implications like hair loss, heart problems, weaknesses, and others.

This is why focusing on your diet seems to be the ideal solution. With proper food, you will gain more nutrition and be able to lose weight faster without leaving room for any kind of health problems in the future. Several foods like papaya enzyme for weight loss work wonders when you are in need to shred. This yellow fruit vegetable has become quite popular in recent time for losing excess fat faster.

Despite papaya becoming popular, several speculations and rumours are there, which is suppressing papaya’s benefits. This is why here in this article, we will talk about the fundamentals of the papaya fruit and how it can help in weight loss.

papaya enzyme for weight loss

Papaya Enzyme – Overview

Papaya fruit contains a high amount of a special enzyme known as papain. The chemical name for this enzyme is papaya proteinase I, and it works by breaking the various peptide bonds present in the foods you are eating. Papain is found in several foods, but the highest quantity is present in the papaya fruit. The enzyme is obtained from the papaya tree latex and then processed and purified for manufacturing different products where papain is the main ingredient.

Benefits of Papaya Enzyme for Weight Loss

Being health-conscious is a good habit. However, if you neglect an essential nutrient source just because you don’t have enough knowledge about the same, it wouldn’t do any good for your health. This is why we have discussed the major benefits of having a papaya enzyme or papain for your health.

1. Aids in the digestion

One of the major causes of obesity is improper digestion rate in the body. If your body is not breaking down the fatty acids, they will be stored in the muscle and liver cells, making you obese. This is where the papaya enzyme comes in.

Papain helps improve the functions of the entire digestive tract by ensuring that the digestive enzymes are secreted in proper quantity. As a result, the foods you are eating will be broken down perfectly, resulting in weight loss over time.

2. Contains high fibre content

In every 100 grams of papaya fruit or vegetable, you will have 1.7 grams of dietary fibres. These fibres are very important for both weight loss and the health of your entire digestive system. The dietary fibres will give you a fuller effect, which will further reduce your hunger. Hence, you wouldn’t feel the urge to eat too often, which will cut your calorie intake every day.

With suitable exercise plans, you will be able to lose more weight than expected. Apart from this, the dietary fibres will also help in the smooth movement of the bowel through the large intestine, helping your body to discard the undigested food easily.


papaya enzyme for weight loss


3. Rich in water

Water is essential for maintaining the ionic balance in your body. Apart from that, this is one of the major ingredients for every metabolic reaction in your body. However, thanks to our busy schedule, we hardly maintain the daily water intake limit, which further results in obesity over time. This is why having the papaya fruit will help you immensely as it contains a lot of water.

Almost 91% of the fruit’s weight is occupied by water, and hence, having one fruit daily will compensate for the water deficiency in your body.

4. Increases the metabolism rate

One of the major reasons for which one can gain weight is slowed or retarded metabolism rate. The metabolism rate defines how much glucose or fat molecules have been used in the cellular respiration process for producing energy in the form of ATP. If the rate is slowed, fewer glucose and fat molecules have been used in the respiration process. And hence, the excess and unused molecules will get stored as subcutaneous fat layers in the liver and muscle cells.

This is why you need the papaya enzyme, which will help in increasing the metabolism rate. With increased rate, more and more amount of glucose can be converted into ATP molecules, thereby helping your body to lose more deposited fat layers.


papaya enzyme for weight loss


5. Reduces diabetes

Another major cause of obesity is diabetes. This is why you will often see that diabetic patients suffer from excess fat deposition as the glucose present in the blood can’t be utilized and hence, stored in the body as fat layers. This is where papain comes in. With this biomolecular enzyme’s help, the insulin secretion capability of your pancreatic cells will be enhanced, which will further reduce the glucose amount in your blood. As a result, over time, you will be able to lose more weight.

6. Low-calorie content

Unlike other fruits, papaya contains many essential nutrients like fibres, minerals, and vitamins. The total amount of carbohydrates and fats in papaya is very less which is why even if you are eating two fruits in a day, you won’t gain any kind of carb or fat that will result in further weight increase.

Taking papaya fruit will not increase your daily calorie intake, which is why you will be able to maintain your diet plan easily without much hassle.


papaya enzyme for weight loss


7. Helps in flushing out the toxins

Several studies have shown that toxins in the body are one of the major causes of obesity. It is not easy to detoxify your blood, and that’s why many people suffer from increased fat accumulation in the liver and muscle cells. However, with papaya, you will easily detoxify your blood, thanks to the several antioxidants present in the fruit.

Beta-carotene is the major contributor to detoxification, and hence you need to include this fruit immediately in your diet.

Tips to consume Papaya Enzyme for Weight Loss

Since the papaya fruit is rich in the papain enzyme, which is mainly responsible for weight loss, we have discussed some of how you can enjoy the fruit and its benefits.

  • Thin papaya slices drizzled with lime juice
  • Having a papaya salad with avocado, and fresh berries
  • Chicken or shrimp broth with papaya cubes
  • Smoothies having papaya as one of the main ingredients
  • Making a smoothie from papaya and yoghurt with honey
  • Making fruit skewers with avocado, papaya, apple, and berries

If you are allergic to papaya fruit, you can look for other alternatives also. For example, papain enzyme is available in capsules or tablets that you can take for weight loss. This will help you in weight loss, and you wouldn’t have to deal with any kind of health implications.

Dosage of papaya enzyme

If you are eating the papaya fruit, the best time of eating this will be after two hours of your breakfast or in the evening. You can add this in your daily meals with no constraints for the papaya vegetable since papaya does not contain carbohydrates or fats that can increase your weight.

If you are talking about the papain supplements, make sure to consult your doctor to understand the required dosage according to your height and body weight.


papaya enzyme for weight loss


How to get the best papaya?

If you are looking forward to enjoying the papain enzyme’s benefits by having the fruit only, you need to buy the best one from the market.

  • The colour of the raw papaya will vary from dark to light green, while that of the ripened papaya will range from light yellow to dark orange and sometimes red.
  • Always check the base of the stem for any mould or mildew before you buy the food ingredient. If you find even the slightest trace of mould, you cannot buy the papaya.
  • Press the skin with your fingers to judge whether the papaya has ripened properly or not.
  • If you want to know whether the papaya is ripe or not, smell the stem area. The raw papayas give no odour or fragrance but the ripened papaya will smell sweet.





You can either get pure papaya enzyme from the market, or you can eat the whole fruit. However, no matter which option you prefer, you need to ensure that the product is of high quality and organic so that your body doesn’t suffer from contaminant effects.

If you have any allergies to papaya, you should immediately consult your doctor so that he can provide the best solution for your health issue. Rest assured, with a proper nutrition plan and papaya enzyme, you will be able to lose weight easily.

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