How to Get Dimples

Small indentations found on the skin are referred to as dimples. These are found on several body parts, such as the cheek, chin, or lower back. For example, you might have often seen the dimples on the cheeks of people. Some people have dimples only on one side of the cheek, while some have on both sides. The dimples on the cheeks are sometimes referred to as a sign of beauty in several cultures. But in reality, they are congenital disabilities due to muscular variations.

If you don’t have dimples but want to mimic the appearance like dimples, then you have arrived at the exact place. In this article, we have explained natural methods for how to get dimples. So keep on reading this article carefully to get acquainted with the methods of getting them.

What does science say about dimples?

The cheek dimples are a distinctive dominant trait. This implies that the simplest cheeks are a dominant trait but not always. They are believed to be formed due to the shift of muscles called the zygomaticus major. This is the muscle response to lift the corners of your mouth when you smile. Some people have dimples, and the rest don’t have dimples due to the placement of this muscle.


how to get dimples


In people without dimples, the zygomaticus major starts from the zygomatic bone of the cheeks. Then it runs down, connecting the corners of your mouth. While in people with dimples, the zygomaticus major is divided into two bundles. This split in muscle is called a bifid or double zygomaticus major. The one bundle of this muscle runs down and connects with the corner of the mouth. The other bundle connects below the corner of the mouth. The movement of these muscles when you smile causes dimples.

Natural Methods to Get Dimples

1. Exercises for getting dimples

In the past, there were some mechanical devices to form the dimples. These devices are used to put consistent pressure on your muscles to get dimples. These devices were scientifically proven. But these were painful since they put a lot of pressure on your muscles. Several simple exercises are based on this device that doesn’t put much pressure on your facial muscles. They can form the indentation or fold like dimples on your cheeks. Let’s understand them one by one.

  • Press and hold the indentations on your cheeks

The first exercise you should do to get natural dimples is pressing your fingers on your cheeks. First, you need to smile widely and see in the mirror where the deepest indentations are formed on your face naturally. In other words, check the spot where dimples would occur if you had them. Now Put your index finger gently on this fold and press.

You can also use your thumb or another finger to do so. This may not give you any long-term dimple effects. But for some moments, you can have them. For example, if you want to click a selfie and show your dimples, you can use this method.


how to get dimples


  • Suck your cheeks while you pucker your lips inside

Make your face as if you have eaten something extremely sour. It is sometimes referred to as a fish mouth by people. Your cheeks will look like you do it in a pout, and your cheeks will be sucked in. This is a folk practice. It doesn’t guarantee dimples. But you can practice regularly for some time to get dimples. By this exercise, your muscles will intend or fold between the top and bottom teeth. Though it might not guarantee you dimples, there’s no harm in trying it.


3 Ways to Get Dimples Naturally - wikiHow


  • Use a pencil to produce a hollow

Another very simple yet effective exercise for getting dimples is using your pencil. Use the back of the pencil to press in the same place as you did for your index finger. In the place, you suppose your dimples should be. You can also use the back of the pen to make a hollow in the cheeks that appear like dimples.


how to get dimples


 The longer you will be able to hold the mark of your dimples, the more chance you have in procuring them to last. You need to practice these exercises daily for 30 minutes in all. This will train your muscles and put little pressure on them to get in shape for dimples. These methods aren’t proven scientifically, but you can try your luck to get them. They won’t harm you in any way, so it is safe to practice with them.

2. Makeup to mimic dimples on cheeks

Makeup helps you to do a complete makeover of yourself. For example, makeup has the power to make a man look like a woman and a woman like a man. So, this is just a simple dimple. But, can’t you make a fake dimple using makeup? Yes, you can surely do that. So, let’s see the process of doing it.


3 Ways to Get Dimples Naturally - wikiHow


  • Mark the location of dimples

Look in the mirror and smile naturally and wide. Next, look into the mirror and decide the location where you want your fake dimples. When you smile, the natural creases appear on your face. Just above the upper point of your lips outside the crease, make a mark with the brow pencil eyeliner. This is the exact place for your dimples. Brown works best because it mixes easily with skin colour. Mark a dot with brown eyeliner at the top from where you want to have a dimple.

 3 Ways to Get Dimples Naturally


  • Draw the dimple

With the help of the same eyeliner or pencil, eyeliner draws the crescent shape dimple. First, relax your mouth, and starting from the dot you have marked, draw a slightly curved line. Remember that your line should not exceed 2.5 cm. Even a slightly extended line can ruin your look, so be very careful.

 how to get dimples


  • Blend the dimple

As you have drawn the dimple, you can make it light to make it appear natural. Then, smudge the drawn dimple to blend it in your skin. Blend it in an up and down direction instead of side by side. Do your makeup accordingly so that your entire face looks neat and subtle. You might need to make lines 2-3 times to give it a proper shape and clear appearance.

 how to get dimples


Look into the mirror and check how your new dimples look. Are they on point when you smile? Don’t experiment for the first time on your big day. Practice it earlier so that you know the technique of it. First, you need to ensure your dimples are looking natural. If you are not good with makeup and blending, then visit professional makeup artists for this work. These trained artists can get your dimples very well for you. This artist will make the dimples that look exactly like a natural.

3. Piercing/Surgery for Dimples

This one is a method to get semi-permanent dimples. It involved piercing your cheeks. You might have heard of Piercing on the ears and nose; that’s very common stuff. But the cheeks piercing is unusual and involves risk. Unlike the nose and ears, cheeks have to be pierced where muscles and nerves are present. The piercing might cause damage to the cheeks.


how to get dimples


It is advised to visit professionals for this method. They will do the piercing with care. Some of the professionals discourage cheek piercing. But if you want to get it done, find the one that can do it nicely for you. Generally, children below 18 years are warned from doing cheek piercing. However, if you are above the age and can take precautions and bear the pain, you can visit the professional.

4. Get the piercing done

The professionals will do the piercing in the place where your dimples are supposed to be. Of course, proper sanitization has to be done while performing these tasks. After powering, jewellery will be hung in the place where cheeks are pierced. If you have an allergy to a particular metal, avoid that metal jewellery.

 Leave piercing with the jewellery for 2-3 months

 It usually takes 2-3 months to heal the piercing. It needs to be healed with the jewellery in it. You will have to take special care during this period. After it’s completely healed, you have safely removed the jewellery. You will possess holes in your cheeks until the piercing heals. Once the piercing heals completely, you will get indentations like dimples in your cheek.


how to get dimples



Dimples are found among 20% of the population. As they are far less common among people, their craze is ever-growing. If you are crazy about the dimples, you can get temporary dimples through exercise or makeup. If you want dimples permanently, go for the piercing method. The world is fond of dimples if you are also crazy about it and ready to take risks to get permanent dimples for yourself through surgery. If you have natural dimples, flaunt them.

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