Different Types Of Highlights for Hair

Styling your hair is not only about keeping them short or long or cutting them in different styles but more than this. Highlighted strands are making the hair look prominent and always grab attention. Highlighting hair is something that enhances the beauty of your hair. But it is more important to be compatible with your hairstyle and hair colour. Because it is essential to get a good combination of both to match and look prominent, nowadays, there are many different types of highlights options available for both long and short hairs. You can also experiment with different types of hair.

Here are some types of  highlights for hair for you to try 

1. Full hair highlights

The whole hair highlight is that the entire section of your hair, like head to length, will be highlighted with tiny strings. It makes your hair look very suitable and shiny. You can choose your highlighting colour according to your skin colour, or the paint will suit you. This highlight will suit them more to those who have long and danced hair texture.


types of highlights


2. Partial hair highlights

Partial hair highlights look good on fine and medium hair length. In partial highlights, a colour pop is visible from the hair underneath. It looks very classy and beautiful. Some customers choose to have this highlight because it is less expensive than other highlights.


types of highlights


3. Chunky Highlights

These chunky hair highlights will look good on long and smooth textured hairs. Different blonde hair colours have done the highlight. Here the hair will be sectioned into two parts. For the first part, the hair will be colour brown entirely, and the remaining section will be highlighted with another highlight colour. For a better look, you can add some unique colours to your highlighted part. A brown-based while highlighted hair will look classy and casual.


types of highlights


4. Blonde hair highlights

Blonde highlighted hair is considered the best-highlighted hair. A blonde hair colour highlighted with some dark highlight colour will look fabulous. The hairstyle will be the same in this highlight, and some stands will be highlighted from the root. This look will be a brilliant idea to go with a bit of makeup and a casual outfit.


types of highlights


5. Brown hair highlights

The brown hair highlight is suitable for thick, voluminous hair of any length. Here the two shades of brown are taken, the darker one is for the base, and the lighter one is taken for highlighting. As a result, this highlight looks very casual as well as elegant.


types of highlights


6. Grey Hair Highlights

Up next on the list of different types of highlights are grey hair highlights are a good option for ageing hair. It will look good on an ageing person with short-length hair. The base hair will be in black, and the highlight should be white. It will look elegant. This highlight looks good on short and straight hair. This look will go perfect with a casual outfit and light makeup.


types of highlights


7. Caramel Hair highlights

Have you ever seen caramelized candies? Well, the caramel colour is fascinating. So if you want to get that shiny brown colour as your hair highlighter, there is an option for that. The caramel highlight is going well with long hair and with any hair texture. The best part to highlight the hair is at the roots, ends of the hair strands. This caramel hair highlight is much better at the end as it is a little messy, and the highlight colour makes it look more prominent.


types of highlights


8. African American Hair Highlights

You can guess the look of this hair highlight by its name itself. These African American highlights are a blend of bold colours and are kept for the outer strands. This highlight can go well with short and straight hair and more prominent with equal cut shoulder-length hair. In addition, this highlight can be complemented with dark and bold makeup.


types of highlights


9. Ombre Hair highlights

Nowadays, this ombre hair highlight is on-trend and specifically among celebrities. The darker shade will go on the top in this highlight, and the lighter shade will gradually come to the bottom. The highlight can go well with messy and casual hairstyles and can be done on any hair length. This look goes well with daily light makeup and all kinds of outfits.


types of highlights


10. Balayage Hair highlights

Balayage Hair highlight is focused on the top of the head. It will look good on medium and wavy hair. The highlight is mainly applied to the roots, which will look perfect with the base hair colour. This highlight gives a shiny hair and looks ideal with a casual look. This highlight is widely prevalent among teenagers.


types of highlights


11. Thin hair highlights

The thin hair highlight is a good blend look. It is quite a stable highlight and lasts for a long time. The highlight colour is generally going complementary with the natural hair colour and blends perfectly. The highlighted part is a little light shade and perfectly applied on each stand. The process is tricky and takes some time, but the outcome is impressive. It can go with all hair types but look great on short and straight hair. It can go well with a casual look and with a formal outfit.


types of highlights


12. Dip Dyed hair highlights

This dip-dyed highlight is looking good on long hair with bangs. This highlight is applied to the hair ends and looks good on messy and wavy hair. In this highlight, the top of the head is left as the natural colour, and the length is highlighted with a light colour to complement the natural hair colour. This looks classy and elegant, can go with all types of outfits, and gives a graceful look.


types of highlights


13. Face framing hair highlights

The face-framing hair highlight will go well with long and black hair. The highlight will be complementary to the natural hair colour. The highlight started from the face frame and applied till the end. It looks good with a graceful formal look.


types of highlights


14. Chestnut hair highlights

The chestnut highlights are a new and trending one nowadays. It can go well with shorter and longer hair, but it will look great with medium hair. In this highlight, the end hairs are made wavy. The top hairs are highlighted with dark colour, and towards the end, it is highlighted with light colour. This highlight goes well with a casual look.


types of highlights


15. Sun-kissed hair highlights

The sun-kissed highlights are an amazing one. The top of the hair is kept natural, and the end of the hair is highlighted with bright and light hair colour. It goes well with long and wavy hair. It gives a good and elegant look. And look classy with a formal outfit.

 types of highlights


16. Multi-dimensional hair highlights

The multi-dimensional highlight is applied to the entire hair. It can be used on both medium and long hair. The highlight looks excellent when the highlighted hair is made a little curled. The colour is of two different shades. One is darker applied on the base, and another shade is lighter used on the top. This hair highlight looks classy and goes perfect with an elegant outfit and dark makeup.


 types of highlights



17. Extreme Hair highlight

This extreme highlight is unique and looks cute. This is known as a new age highlight and prominently adopted among all young generations. There are many shades generally of pink, yellow, or sky colour in this highlight. The hair is cut very short, and only the side front hair is kept long. Then this long hair is separated into different sections and applied in different colours in each area. This highlight is different, and it looks excellent with funky makeup, casual, or any different and unique outfits.


types of highlights


18. Pastel colour hair highlights

If your skin is fair and you have blonde hair, this pastel colour highlight will look like a fairy tale princess. This highlight is added to the end of the hair. The highlight is of different pastel colours and generally of blue, green, or pink. It looks well with curly and messy hair. This hair highlight looks classy with light makeup, and if you add the same colour as your highlighted one in your makeup.


types of highlights


19. Peek a Boo hair highlights

This Peek a Boo highlight is satisfied with its name. It is applied at the lower part of the hair and then covered with natural hair. The highlight colour is generally dark and blue or red. It goes well with all types of hair and with short, medium, and long-length hair. It goes with all kinds of looks.


types of highlights



Highlighting hair is now a crucial part when it comes to fashion. There are not only these different types of highlights but also a lot more than this. This hair colouring technique gives a different look to your hair. The highlight not only enhances the face look but also maintains the hair texture and its bounce.

You have to choose the highlight that suits you and the one which is reliable and does not damage your hair. Nowadays, many fashion icons describe different shades of hair highlights that are crazily adopted by young generations.

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