How To Grow Taller At 16 For Girls

You may have your taller friends than you or suddenly gained height, while you have the same height you had two years back. Maybe your family members are tall, and you wish to reach them with the same height.

There are many factors why one cannot gain height, but the main uncontrollable factor is genes. Apart from genes, other factors determining your height are food habits, lifestyle, exercise, sleeping patterns, and more. By the age of 16, a girl usually reaches the height that she has to be with for a lifetime. If not, she needs to take care of certain aspects and look for ways for improvement.

Here are some natural ways, that allows a girl to grow taller at 16:

1. Always have a balanced diet

Balanced diet plays a vital role in your health, including in terms of weight and height. Usually, short girls look plump, and it is vital to eat right to solve this issue.


have a balanced diet


2. Must eat a lot of lean protein

Lean protein comes in the form of fish, dairy products, mutton, soya, tofu, and more, all such ingredients help strengthen muscle growth and help a person have stronger bones. Always avoid food items with many carbohydrates, like pizzas, burgers, sweets, etc.




3. Consume more calcium items

Calcium strengthens bone health. You must consume more dairy products and leafy vegetables. It is never a bad idea to add spinach or another leafy vegetable in your regular diet for healthy bones.


calcium food


4. Get the proper amount of zinc

You must consume the right amount of content items like pumpkin seeds, peanuts, oysters, etc.




5. The Most Important Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for a person who wants to have the taller physique as it helps in the growth of muscles and bones. Mushrooms are a perfect source of Vitamin D. According to recent research, all short girls are surveyed, and the conclusion is they have a low level of vitamin D.


vitamin d food


6. Exercises for gaining height

To improve height, a girl must do continuous exercise when she is at puberty and even throughout her teen. There are many exercises that a girl must include in her daily routine for 20-30 minutes, like running, hanging, jumping, skipping and any other sports activities like basketball and more. By doing so, the muscles stay active for more time, and that results in healthier height.

You must register yourself in a gym if you don’t have any other way to exercise. Suddenly you will get in touch with many muscle building machines that promote muscle growth and height. Another benefit of joining a gym is your body will stay toned, and you will stay energized throughout the day.



You can indulge in any sports activity. To enrol yourself in your school’s sports team, getting into sports will be competitive and helps you burn extra calories. You will love enjoying sports while you don’t realize you are exercising and simultaneously gaining height.

If you cannot do the above two steps, you simply need to get a skipping rope at home and start skipping. You could also jog in the park, spot jog at home, and run through stairs, walk through your nearby store, or cycle. These are the best and easy exercises to promote height.

7. Sleeping Pattern

If you are not sleeping properly, it is another factor that stops the growth of your height. To promote healthier height, a night of proper sleep also plays an important role. It is essential to know that your body is in a state of development when you sleep, which is why it is said adequate sleep is necessary to give the body more time to grow.

Teenagers should sleep for 8- 9 hours every day to allow the body to develop and continue this sleeping pattern until 20 years old.
There is a particular hormone in everybody, known as human growth hormone. Its production is naturally done in the body in pituitary glands. The development of human growth hormones takes place during sleep; that is why it is essential to have proper and adequate sleep for improved height.


sleeping pattern for height


8. Get Rid of unhealthy habits

You should know that there are no environmental factors that can stop your growth, but self-created circumstances are the ones that hinder your body’s development.

If you are addicted to drugs, smoking, or other hazardous things, it will affect your height and lead to health issues. Even being malnourished is a common reason to stop your height growth.



9. Caffeine

Generally, caffeine consumption is not related to height growth. But if a person is consuming an unhealthy amount of caffeine, it affects their sleep pattern and might let you sleep for fewer hours, which is a hindrance to your height growth. So it is highly recommended to lower down your caffeine consumption, especially during teenage years.


10. Smoking

Directly or indirectly smoking leads to less growth of the body and can take you towards many health issues. According to a recent study, people who smoke at their teenage tend to have a shorter height than others. It would help if you stayed away from people who smoke as passive smoking can lead to less height growth. Passive smoking is more harmful than actual smoking.

11. Steroids

Once a person is consuming anabolic steroids, they are directly infused into bones. It leads to many health hazards like decreased breast size, hampers human growth hormone development, etc. It is always better for teens to not take steroids.



How can one look taller than they are?

If you are a teenager, you would love to see yourself in the mirror every time you get something new to wear. If you have not seen any growth in your height in a couple of years, it is advised to do the upper remedies to see growth in your height.

Here are a few things that you must take care of to look taller than you are:

1. Right Posture

Are you having the right posture while walking and sitting? It would help if you did not hunch back during your teens and always keep your shoulders slightly back and spread. Having the right posture will give you a taller look.

2. Proper Dressing

To look taller, you must wear tighter clothes instead of baggy clothes. You will feel good when you wear tight clothes, and you have to be comfortable enough while wearing such clothes. There are times when you want to look tall and slim, choose dark shade and tighter clothes.


For girls, generally, the growth spurt starts early at teenage years and stops gaining height once you go through puberty. So it is always better to gain height in your teenage years as much as you can. However, there are certain things you must do in your adolescence to maximise your potential growth. You should continue this as an adult too, to promote overall well being and to retain your height.

To grow height, you must start with the above remedies and keep doing them until you get prominent results. If they don’t work, then you must accept that it is a natural blessing.

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