10 Aamir Khan Best Movies You Should Watch

Aamir Khan has his very own class. He is quite possibly the most adaptable entertainer that the Indian entertainment world has found in many years. He keeps on stepping along the successful ride he has had for himself. His selection of movies and their execution consistently has something else to bring to the table. From the time of his presentation until this point in time, he has done various jobs and figured out how to dazzle us with his faultless acting chops.

In this post, we have listed 10 Aamir Khan Films that show his adaptability as an entertainer.

10 Aamir Khan Best Movies

1. Raakh (1989)

While ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ may have made him an overnight hotshot, Raakh was in this film where we saw a brief look at his crude ability as an entertainer. A splendid neo-noir film about a young fellow who can’t get over the way that his first love was assaulted, and he could not save her.

The feature of the film was the transcending exhibitions by both Pankaj Kapur (he won a Public Honor) in a supporting job as a cop and Aamir Khan as a bit of a fellow who can’t relinquish his quarrel. The job had concealed De Niro from Cabbie mainly as he battled to utilize a Weapon. The film besieged the cinematic world as it was perhaps excessively distressing and miserable. Possibly the public wasn’t prepared to see a standard entertainer do a job like that. 

IMDB: 7.5/10


aamir khan best movies


2. 1947 Earth (1998)

He sits just outside the window as his object of affection makes love to his lover, seeing them passionately devour each other in a sensual embrace. His lusty jealousy-filled gaze is fixed on the romantic couple. In the background, a hauntingly lovely melody by Rahman plays — it’s unusual.

1947 Earth is one of the rare Hindi films that may be considered a technical masterpiece. Whether it’s the cinematography, the courageous screenplay (stare at the Train segment), the authentic dialogues, or the dreamy musical achievement, all play a significant role in the success of this film.

Parsis, according to her mother, are like sugar in a glass: tasty yet undetectable. The film transports us to that era’s insane lunacy and makes us feel trapped. Khan was at his best when he played the adversary, which he had never done before. 

IMDB: 7.7/10


aamir khan best movies


3. Rang De Basanti (2006)

A group of hedonistic and wicked teenagers bluffing to be freedom fighters soon understand that nothing has altered. Even though the British have left, we still lack independence. Nationalism was provided calm in this film. The characters might be anyone we see around us; their conduct and behaviour were identical to those of indifferent university learners we encounter every single day. 

They only elect to challenge the system rather than become complaining puppets after seeing an emotional disaster. The finale may have put some off, but I feel the questions at the end demonstrate that he wasn’t romanticizing turmoil as the only way. This film reflects today’s youth mood, and it occurs to be far more current in 2020 than in 2006. 

Every concern raised in the film has materialized in front of our eyes in the year 2020. The film’s central message – to be a part of the system to change it – is as relevant today as it was back then. The non-linear storyline, the rollicking background score, and the dynamic camera work all contribute to the film’s overall appeal. 

IMDB: 8.1/10


4. Lagaan (2001)

Roger Ebert gave it a 3.5 out of 4-star rating and gushed over it. It was nominated to Empire Magazine’s list of the 100 Best Films of World Cinema. It was the third and final Indian film nominated for an Academy Award in its most robust category, Best Foreign Language Film.

It flawlessly blended two of India’s substantial fascinations, and, more importantly, it used the songs and dance progressions promptly that never felt urged. 

The moment in which Captain Russel challenges a young Bhuvan to accept his challenge is a fantastic bit of writing in and of itself. Look at Aamir Khan, who has a stoned expression on his face, as if he’s a poker player masking his genuine intents. He was urging the Captain to set a higher standard. The Captain, though visibly irritated, maintains his composure, believing he can raise the stakes because he can’t lose the game. Nevertheless, there’s a palpable sense of unease in the air. 

IMDB: 8.1/10



5. Taare Zameen Par (2007)

This is one of Aamir Khan’s films that made an enduring impression on the Indian cinema industry. Even though Aamir played a lesser role in the film as an art instructor, the tale is highly emotional and resonated with the audience. 

This film attempted to make people look beyond simply passing judgments in a society where child bashing is rampant, and children are sometimes mocked and even battered for not earning good grades. 

It follows a dyslexic youngster who his family misunderstands. Aamir Khan made his directorial debut with this film. He put on the director’s hat and did an excellent job, demonstrating that he is not only supposed to be in front of the camera but also behind it. 

IMDB: 8.4/10



6. 3 Idiots (2009)

Expecting Aamir Khan to pull off this role was quite unthinkable. In 3 idiots, a 40-year-old actor plays a youthful engineering student, and he does so convincingly. The film was an enormous achievement, and it stays one of the greatest and most-watched documentaries about engineering students’ trials and victories to this day. The story’s straightforward plot is incredibly relatable. Sharman Joshi and R Madhavan also did an excellent job in their roles. 

Aamir was excellent in the character of a good-hearted prodigal student. His transition into a twenty-something-year-old is seen throughout the movie. His character’s childish demeanour endeared him to viewers of all ages. Sonam Wangchuk, an Indian engineer, entrepreneur, and education reformist, is also an inspiration for his persona. 

IMDB: 8.4/ 10



7. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (1992)

It was a film that was years ahead of its time. When all of Bollywood produced in the name of commercial cinema was patriarchal romances glamorizing toxic masculinity or illogical action melodrama. Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar discussed adolescent romance, school competition, and a brotherly bond in the most genuine way. 

It defied a slew of 1990s stereotypes. For example, the protagonist’s sibling is tumbling off a cliff, and the perceived bad guy tries to save him. When a brawl breaks out between two student groups, one of the boys crashes into a car window, bringing the conflict to a halt. As he tries to fight his older sibling, the protagonist is punched. 

IMDB: 8.2/10


aamir khan best movies


8. Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi ( 1991)

In the contemporary world, a film about a naive young lady who runs away from her father to marry a selfish star, but meets the carefree yet morally honest journalist, may not seem like a good choice. However, it had a certain allure when it was first introduced. 

The couple had great chemistry, and their ego-driven game of who blinks rather was entertaining to witness. Unlike other romantic comedies of the time, the film didn’t take itself too seriously, and the finale still makes me smile. Anupam Kher’s performance as the father is highly noteworthy, as he plays the father in a goofy, over-the-top expression that enlarges the film’s charm. 

IMDB: 7.3/10


9. PK ( 2014)

In this satirical comedy, Aamir Khan portrays an alien yearning to return to his home planet. The film’s focus was on how the extraterrestrial found religious dogmas and superstitions weird and contradictory to what the religion espoused. To play the endearing, almost infantile extraterrestrial, the perfectionist adopted a lot of qualities. 

PK had emerald eyes, spoke Bhojpuri, never blinked while speaking, chewed paan constantly, and walked with a distinct gait. On the other hand, Aamir mastered Bhojpuri and would consume around 100 paans in a single day. This family entertainer was a huge smash for the Aamir Khan, Rajkumar Hirani, and Vidhu Vinod Chopra combination. 

IMDB: 8.1/10


aamir khan best movies


10. Dangal (2016)

Dangal finalizes our particular collection of Aamir Khan films. Mr Khan characterizes a middle-aged ex-wrestler who instructs his daughters to become India’s first world-class female wrestlers while working for the government. As the rigorous yet caring father who wishes to demonstrate that daughters can, and will, be as good as sons… or even better! 

It is considered one of Aamir’s finest emotional performances to date. Aamir Khan once again dazzled the world not just with his acting but also with his physical metamorphosis. The highlight was that he chose to shoot as a chubby middle-aged father first, then took a break to harden his voice thoroughly. 

IMDB: 8.4/10 




He’s a tremendously successful actor, TV host, producer, and director who is unquestionably one of the best in the business. However, Aamir Khan’s true success stems from his refusal to pursue stardom and instead focus on his trade.

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