Benefits of Ragi for Weight Loss

A lot of the time, losing weight becomes essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You might also feel like losing weight to look better and, most importantly, feel better. A lot of homely products aid in the process of weight loss. Usually, we are so busy with buying expensive protein shakes and following vigorous exercise plans that we do not pay attention to these home remedies. But using a home remedy to lose weight not only makes it easier to avail the product but is also something you can trust on. One such amazing product for weight loss is Ragi. Recent studies have shown how Ragi positively correlates to losing weight and staying healthier. Read the below compilation to understand the benefits of ragi for weight loss.

1. No Gluten

The best thing about ragi is that it is absolutely gluten-free. This means, unlike ordinary flour, you can consume ragi without any guilt. Gluten is one of the prime causes behind weight gain. Gluten always ends up being stored in the body and hence, adds unnecessary weight to the body. One of the main regions in the body where gluten adds fat is the abdominal area.

It is also quite difficult to reduce the fat from this area. Hence, a gluten-free diet is essential for drastic weight loss. If you add ragi-made food to your diet, you can easily say goodbye to gluten and gluten-related troubles. Additionally, ragi is also a great source of fiber. Every good weight loss plan requires a substantial amount of fiber in it. Hence, consuming ragi will also prevent excess weight gain and obesity.

2. Controls Cholesterol

In today’s time, cholesterol is a very common yet deadly disease that is happening in almost every household. Whenever you consume too much food, which is high in fat, or you remain inactive and overweight for a while, your body gets excess cholesterol, which results in high blood cholesterol levels. This is a very dangerous disease as increased cholesterol can lead to lots of heart diseases and even a sudden heart attack.

With ragi in your diet, it helps to control this deposit of cholesterol in your blood vessels. There will be a significantly lesser amount of plaque formation and blockage if you start eating ragi. It also controls high blood pressure. Hence, since ragi maintain your heart’s health, it aids in better weight management and easier weight loss.


ragi for weight loss


3. Induces Sleep

Did you know that your body is also burning calories while you sleep? Hence, it is very important to have a healthy sleep cycle and let your body heal as well as burn some of the excess calories. Introducing ragi to your diet substantially helps with this situation. Ragi has an amino acid known as tryptophan. This amino acid helps in relaxing the nerves, which calms your body.

So, you can understand how this product is directly contributing to the betterment of your cognitive health. Ragi also aids those with anxiety, insomnia, and headache. Studies have shown that even depression is positively regulated by adding ragi to the daily diet plan. A healthy and well-rested mind will automatically make it easier for you to lose weight and take control of your body.



4. Deficiency Fighter

Not many know this, but ragi is a very potent source of Vitamin C, and vitamin C helps the red blood cells in absorbing iron more easily and efficiently. Hence, for those suffering from anaemia or iron deficiency, ragi is like a blessing from God. This is especially helpful for women, as women tend to be low on iron levels due to losing blood every month.

Deficiency of iron also causes inflammation in the body, which can lead to gaining of weight and body fat. With ragi in your diet, this inflammation is managed, and so is weight gain. You can consume ragi seeds and sprouts directly to help with this aspect of your health. Ultimately, if your body is strong from within, it will surely help you lose weight much easier, and you can push yourself to new limits every day.



5. Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes and rising blood sugar level is a concern for people all over. Ragi helps in controlling this because it has high levels of fiber and polyphenols. Ragi is known to have a low glycemic response, which is essential for maintaining the blood sugar levels in our body.

Additionally, since it is so rich in fibre, it slows down the digestion process, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes significantly. We all know that diabetes results in unnecessary weight fluctuations, with your blood sugar and insulin levels being all over the place. With ragi, you will be better equipped to manage this issue.



In conclusion, ragi not only directly helps with weight loss but also helps with a wide range of other diseases and illnesses. It strengthens the body from within and is even responsible for a healthy mind. Weight loss is not always about the diet or exercise, but having a healthy body and mind overall. To continue in your weight loss journey, you will need to be strong and in good physical condition. Ragi will be your best option to achieve all that!

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