How To Bleach At Home The Correct Way

Everyone loves running their fingers in their thick and fluffy hair, but it isn’t easy to maintain hair health on a busy schedule. The best solution to this is bleaching hair at home after six to seven months, depending upon one’s need. It is easy to bleach at home, and one can follow these easy steps for the same:

Step 1: Process with Virgin Hair

Taking the hair back to the virgin requires no usage of chemicals for three months. Coloured hair involves using chemicals, and bleaching hair in that state doesn’t present the best results. In such scenarios, the damage to the hair increases, which makes the hair weak. Another suggestion is not to shampoo the hair at least a week before the bleaching process. The reason is the irritation that can happen at the scalp after bleach.

Step 2: Conditioning of hair before bleaching

Strengthening the hair before bleaching is necessary, and conditioning two weeks before bleaching is essential. Using some natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, egg, and bananas, one can easily prepare a mask for the scalp’s conditioning. One should also start using coconut oil a few nights before getting the bleach done.




Step 3: Getting ready with all the things

  1. Purchase a good quality bleach powder.
  2. It is essential to ensure that the bleach powder doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that can harm the scalp and affect hair growth. One can look at the ratings and reviews which bleach powders have got before selecting one for themselves.

Peroxide mixture

There are different volumes of peroxide mixture available in the market. One can choose the volume depending upon the colour of their hair. The hair colour is decided based on six different shades, and the volume of peroxide varies further based on six different shades.

Volume 10 – The first two shades among six shades belong to light hair colour, and volume 10 would be suitable for that.

Volume 20 – The second and third shade, which is darker than the first two, would go along with volume 20.

Volume 30 – The hair colour, which lies at the third and fourth shade, would stand suitable for volume 30. One thing that has to consider is that the volume 30 bleach should not stay on the scalp for a longer time.

Volume 40 – This volume has a higher effect on the scalp. It shouldn’t stay on the scalp for more than 10 minutes. The hair colour shade for which it is used is fifth and sixth.

Step 4: Time for applying the bleach

The first thing would be to wear an old shirt and gloves before applying the bleach.

One has to ensure that the bleach effectively covers the head, and partitioning the hair is the easiest way to perform that.

One has to mix the peroxide mixture in bleach and mix it well before applying. Mixing will eliminate all the lumps and will make it easy to spread across all the partitions.



Step 5: Wait for 20-30 minutes

Waiting time depends on the chosen volume of peroxide formula. For volumes 10, 20, and 30, one can wait for 25 minutes before washing, but for volume 40, within 10 minutes, one can wash their hair. After the hair washes, please wait for the hair to get dry, and one has to avoid using a hairdryer.

Step 6: Use a toner

Using a toner would give a natural look to the hair. One has to apply the toner after three days of bleaching the hair, and in between, one cannot wash their hair. The reason being is that the hair becomes fragile after bleaching and fragile after washing it.


toner at home


Post Bleaching hair care

1. Do not use a conditioner

Build the strength by not applying the conditioner for at least three weeks after bleaching so that the hair can gather the strength back. Applying chemicals on the scalp after bleaching can result in hair fall and damage the hair.

2. Oil the hair

Applying coconut oil would be beneficial for the nourishment and strength of the hair. Repeat the same practice two times a week, and it will strengthen the hair.

3. Avoid shampoo

Using shampoo could affect the quality and growth of hair. One has to wait for a week after bleaching and applying toner before doing the shampoo.


Bleaching the hair can be easy and effective at-home if one could follow all these pre and post tips for bleaching. The primary aspect is to know the quality of bleach and choosing the correct volumes of peroxide formula. In case one comes across hair fall after bleaching, they can surely get in touch with a dermatologist as they can help get rid of all the scalp problems. Using natural ingredients for strengthening the hair is essential as it prevents all hair problems.

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