10 Bollywood Movies To Watch If You Are A Travel Freak

There’s always a crazy traveller within us who wants to leave everything behind and takes upon the journey through the world. But when reality hits, it hits hard! So to come in terms with it, we’ve got you some amazing Bollywood movies that would give you major travel goals and would push you to listen to your heart and hit those roads!

1. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

“You can never be old and wise, If you were never young and crazy!”

From trekking through the bordered sparkling white glory of snow-clad peaks in Gulmarg passed off as Manali in the movie, chasing sunsets in Udaipur to strolling around the colourful streets of France, the movie raises the bars of expectations for every traveller. One moment you find yourself adoring the architecture of Hadimba Temple in Manali, the other moment you are staring at the grandeur of the Eiffel. It wouldn’t be false to say that Ranbir’s role as Bunny has motivated several youngsters to follow their passion for travelling around the world. So when are you getting inspired by this handsome nomad?

2. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

There’s nothing better than reuniting with your friends after a long time. But this better turns into the best when you plan a road trip with them. ZNMD as the fans call it is a movie that showcases a trio of friends taking a ‘Bachelor’ road trip through the beautiful landscapes Spain. Deep-sea-diving, sky-diving, lazy road trip conversations, dancing in the middle of nowhere, smashing tomatoes at the Tomatina and running with the bulls behind, if these things aren’t enough to awaken the sleepy traveller in you then what will? Laila who sets an example for the ones who are too afraid to follow what they dream of with eyes open. She’s an independent woman who lives on her own terms. So get up! Live for yourself! Let ‘you’ choose your journey.

3. Dil Chahta Hai

The movie has not only brought a group of old friends closer but has also inspired them to take a long trip and create beautiful memories. When life hits you hard, You travel! Leaving behind all the worries you travel with your friends in search of happiness. Dil Chahta Hai was such an influence that post this movie, Goa became a holiday and reunion spot for several youngsters. Even today, Goa stands number 1 when people are to sip a beer and chill by the beach. The tiniest state of the country sets major vacay goals for the youth.

3. Queen

Too afraid to travel solo? Queen would take away all your fears. The movie revolves around a girl who sets on a journey from Delhi to Paris and Amsterdam for her honeymoon, ALONE. Through the classy avenues of Paris to the quirky lanes of Amsterdam, Queen is a transformation story of a girl from being naive to a strong and independent woman. The movie has so much to teach you. It would motivate you to leave behind the taboo of ‘solo girl travelling’.  Indeed, pretty inspiring.

4. Anjaana Anjaani

The movie is a perfect example of ‘if anything goes wrong, travel!’ With death as the central theme, the protagonists decide to travel before they finally ascend to heaven. Ticking off one bucket list place at a time, the duo travels from New York to Las Vegas and San Francisco, eventually falling in love with other, thereby, killing the very need of committing suicide. Skipping cities to cities in a red car, passing through barren lands, experiencing the nightlife in Vegas and going crazy in San Francisco, the movie has everything that’d make you gaga over travelling, hence, urge you to start working on your bucket list for real.

5. Jab We Met

You must have travelled in train many a time, but I am sure, the journey would haven’t been as exciting and interesting as this one. Two strangers meeting, ignoring and eventually marrying, every Bollywood movie ends with the reunion of lovers. From missing on the train to catching the next one in a car, the movie takes you to desi Bhatinda from high-end Mumbai. Filled with suspense and many twists, the movie showcases breathtaking views from Manali, Shimla, Ratlam and Kota. Heard of Rohtang Pass? Thanks to this movie that the place has become one of the most travelled winter destinations. So when are you packing your bags and going on a crazy expedition like this one? The film has Punjabi ‘dhamaka’ mixed with the cultural allurement of several parts of India.

6. Dil Dhadakne Do

Do you think family trips are boring? Well, get ready to change this notion of yours. Dil Dhadakne Do’s cruise sails through Tunisia, Turkey and Spain with a family of 4. The picturesque views of the mighty blue ocean in the backdrop of each and every scene, colourful houses of Tunisia, lip-smacking cuisine of Spain and the vibrant culture of Turkey, the movie portrays it all. While the movie gives an essential push to travel, it also teaches the importance of family.

7. Tamasha

A movie that tells you the significance of pursuing your dreams, a movie that teaches you to speak up and seek help emotionally, the movie that gives you vacation goals, Tamasha is everything. Set in the valleys of Shimla and unstoppable life of Delhi, the movie introduces you to the paradise-like Corsica in France. A foreign land which was unknown to Indians before this movie came out, Corsica has been added to several ‘places to travel’ list since then. Also, how can I forget the song ‘Safarnama!’ This song plays on repeat when people are travelling. You can call it a travel anthem. Hence, the movie has enough reasons to convince you for travelling to the unexplored lands.

8. Highway

A girl who has always been under the shadow of her parents’ coincidentally set on a journey with a man who kidnaps her and eventually falls in love with him. This man takes her through parts of Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir. It is while on this journey that she fears none but unleashes her inner lioness. The charismatic views of Sangla Valley in Himachal and Aru Valley, Pahalgam and Chandwari in Kashmir are so captivating that you wouldn’t have any option but to book your tickets to these paradise-like places right away! You also get to witness the glimpses of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Delhi, hence creating a mix of colossal mountains and never-ending plains.

9. London Paris New York

The name of this movie is enough to give you major vacation goals. Spread across 3 dazzling cities, London, Paris and New York, the movie captures the essence of every place in the best possible way. The romantic avenues of Paris, British isles of London and skyscrapers of New York set a perfect tone for crazy travellers.

10. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge

This 90s movie is still considered to be one of the most favourite movies of Indian Audiences. ‘Sarson ke khet’ of Punjab and Greenlands of Europe have added seven stars to DDLJ. The iconic love saga is wrapped within the beautiful snowy mountains of Europe and Punjab’s desi culture. This eventful love story that starts from Europe travels to London and finally reaches its success, opened doors for Indian travellers to explore the foreign lands. Even today if you watch this film, you are taken into the world of beautiful landscapes, hence, forcing you to pack your bags and explore every place shown in the movie.

I hope these movies are motivating enough to get you out of your shell and take you to places!


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