Malang Review: Broke Or Stole The Hearts?

Released on 7th February 2020, starring Aditya Roy Kapur (as Advait Thakur) and Disha Patani (as Sara Nambiar) in the lead roles, by the director of Aashiqui 2, Half girlfriend and Ek villain, Mohit Suri, Malang is an action, drama, love and revenge genre thriller. The fresh pair is sizzling and an eye-catcher for the audience and they seem compatible together. The songs of the movie are loved wholeheartedly by the audience. The movie started with Rs. 6.71 crore, made Rs. 9.16 crore in the first weekend and recorded a decent collection of Rs. 25.36 Crore by Sunday.

The story revolves around Advait and Sara, who are both opposite in nature and as they say, opposite attracts, both fell in love and all goes well until things turn upside down. The movie starts with a high voltage fight. Sara’s dysfunctional family results in her being filled with a lot of fears, and she wants to live life to the fullest, and this is the reason she came back to India. Five years later, Advait is a killing machine with Agashe (Anil Kapoor) and  Michael (Kunal Kemmu) in his way. Michael takes the help of   Jessie (Elli Avram) and eventually, Advait surrenders purposefully.

Critics have rated this movie a 6.8 out of 10. TOI has reviewed the movie as “In this movie, none of the characters is unidimensional, which makes them interesting. ‘Malang begins well with a power-packed action scene and dives straight into the drama“.

Bollywood Hungama has reviewed the movie as “The Disha Patani, and Aditya Roy Kapur starrer MALANG is high on style with good performances and thrilling moments, but has an average storyline“.

The audience has remarked the movie as slow-paced. If the movie does not let you doze off in the middle, it is because it will throw one thing or the other at the audience in a manner that lacks order. The first half of the movie is slow and predictable. It will, to some extent, fill you with curiosity as to what will happen next, but it lacks the strengthful ability to keep the audience. We are still left with a lot of questions and confusion even when the film comes to an end.


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The movie is shot in Goa, and it will make you feel all set for a vacation. After half girlfriend, Mohit Suri again struggles to keep the audience intact with his slow-paced movie. Malang offers nothing new and struggles to establish itself throughout. The story somewhere is seen as incomplete by the audience despite the amazing chemistry between the leads of the film.

When it comes to performances, which is the only thing that has saved this sinking-ship, Anil Kapoor stole the show. His flawless expressions will keep the eyes stuck on the screen when he performs. He also provides some humour quotient to the film.  Aditya Roy Kapur, just like Aashiqui 2, is the best choice to deliver love, pain, anger and revenge for the role. Aditya’s physical transformation for the role is a sight to behold. His chiselled body, flawless expressions, and the intense look are spellbinding.  He is charming and fits well in Advait’s character. There is room for improvement when it comes to Disha Patani’s performance, be it dialogue delivery or expressions. She fails to ‘live” the dialogues. She gets to show off her abs, but she struggles to establish herself in the film. It seems her dialogues are written somewhere in blah. One of her wishes in the film is to eat everything she could for one day. Kunal Kemmu has left the audience awestruck with his acting. Both Kunal Kemmu and Elli Avram look flamboyant. Vatsal Seth and Amruta Khanvilkar do a decent job in the supporting role. Storyline and performances kept aside, and song is one of the strongest points of the film. Music of the film will top your playlist for the time being. Ankit Tiwari’s voice will stay with you.

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Cinematography and screenplay are stunning. But the average storyline drags the movie. Mohit Suri’s direction is good. His direction has improved considerably when compared to his last few releases. The action seems realistic. The movie is shot in Goa, and somehow Goa is being stereotyped for rave parties and drugs.

If you wish to see something new, you will come out disappointed from the theatres. It can be called a thriller with no genuine twists. The film lacks the ability to keep you engaged in it throughout. If you are an Anil Kapur fan and liked Mohit Suri’s “Ek Villain”, you can go for it, but the storytelling could be better, the film also lacks order. If you seek a strong storyline, powerful performances, mesmerizing madness, you can gladly miss it, Malang will not satisfy you, though it might live up to modest expectations.

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