How to Use and Eat Chia Seeds for Hair Growth?

Be it excess dandruff accumulation or split ends, hairs problems are abundant. Despite using popular or medicated hair products, the extent of improvement is not much. Most women have complained about not getting any result which has led to resentment against any remedy for hair problems. Here is when chia seeds for hair growth come into the picture.

Yes, it might come off as a weird idea about using the chia seeds for your hair treatment. But, studies have shown that this particular ingredient is very much effective in solving several hair problems, starting with dandruff to hair fall. 

Here, in this article, we have talked about the benefits of using chia seeds for the hair, and how you have to use them. This particular ingredient is highly flexible as you can either apply it topically or consume it for improvements in your hair conditions. 

What is Chia Seed?

Chia seeds have its origin in the Central American subcontinent where it was being used as a staple food. However, nowadays this particular ingredient is used in several other recipes and also in many beverages and shakes. 

Going by the definition of biology, chia seeds originate from a desert floral species- Salvia hispanica which belongs to the mint family. These seeds are quite small and usually come in black and grey colours. 

Truth be told, chia seeds have a high nutritional content with several nutrients that have different health benefits. Be it the omega acids or the multiple vitamins and minerals, chia seeds are extremely beneficial for your health. This is why perhaps chia seeds are now being considered as one of the best healthy options in terms of food ingredients. 


chia seeds for hair growth


What are the benefits of chia seeds for hair growth?

Even though chia seeds are used for hair growth and improvement, many people are still unaware of their benefits. Many people usually give off an astounded expression on hearing that chia seeds can be used for the betterment of your hairs. 

So, to make those people aware of this particular natural and homemade remedy, we have discussed here some of the major benefits of chia seeds for your hair. 

1. Protein-rich seeds will help in keratin build-up

The hair strand is made from keratin, a hard protein that maintains the strength and health of the hair. However, due to protein deficiency, your body will fail to manufacture the keratin which will indirectly affect the health of your hairs. Loss of keratin will weaken the strands and hence, you will suffer from thin hairs, hair loss, and others.

This is where chia seeds come in. These seeds are high in protein content, especially the amino acids required for the production of keratin. Regular consumption of the ingredient will help your body in producing an ample amount of keratin protein. Hence, you will get relief from weak hair strands and unlimited hair loss. 


chia seeds for hair growth


2. Rich in copper and zinc minerals


Out of the several minerals that your body receives, copper and zinc are the two main elements that are required for the growth of hair. Copper not only helps the follicles to receive proper oxygen supply from the blood but also acts as a booster for the growth of new hairs. Zinc, on the other hand, will help the oil glands surrounding the follicle to secrete more oil and keep the scalp moist. Apart from this, zinc also promotes cell division and tissue repair which causes your hair to grow further. Deficiency of both these elements will lead to the dry hair scalp, weakened strands, and hair loss.

This is why you need the chia seeds which are loaded with a high amount of both copper and zinc. Regular intake of the seeds will help your follicles stay active and participate in tissue regeneration for the growth of new hairs. Also, the oil released by the glands will keep the scalp moist and prevent drying of the follicles. 


chia seeds for hair growth


3. High in Omega-3 fatty acids

Monosaturated fatty acids are quite beneficial for our body. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are the most essential components which not only help in maintaining the health of your cardiovascular system but also your hair. Deficiency of Omega-3 will not only lead to hair loss but also result in reduced oil secretion which will further make your scalp dry. Apart from this, your hair can be snapped easily from the roots, which will prevent proper growth of the new strands. 

Fortunately enough, chia seeds have quite a huge amount of Omega-3 fatty acids. This is why taking them will help you get rid of several hair problems you are suffering from. This will include untimely hair loss, weakened strands, late growing of hairs, and so on. Omega-3 fatty acids will also ensure that the follicles stay hydrated enough to trigger tissue regeneration over time. 


chia seeds for hair growth


4. Restores iron deficiency to reduce hair fall

Nowadays, due to unhealthy lifestyle and irregular menstruation flows, females suffer from iron efficiency. It can be the normal serum iron deficiency or decreased amount of ferritin in the blood. Regardless of the cause of this deficiency, you are bound to suffer from hair loss, greying of hairs, and split ends due to the lack of iron in your blood. 

This is why you need to take chia seeds which are one of the greatest sources of iron mineral. Proper intake of the seeds will help in diminishing the lack of the mineral in the blood and hence will help in reducing hair loss or split ends. 


chia seeds for hair growth


5. Moisturizes the hair when applied topically

Chia seeds when soaked in water and covered with perforated grease plastic will turn into a mushy substance. You will find a jelly-like substance adhering to all the chia seeds together. You can apply this to your hair strands or on the scalp at your convenience. This jelly-like substance will help in keeping the scalp moisturized and will also give your hair strands a brilliant and sizzling look.

Just make sure to use high-quality seeds which are grown organically or without the use of chemicals. With proper hydration, your follicles will not dry out and hence, the strands will not snap off with a little tug at the roots. 


chia seeds for hair growth


6. Antioxidants prevent the early greying of hairs

Lastly, chia seeds are rich in antioxidants. When you are exposed to harmful substances, the total number of free radicals in the blood will increase. An increase in free radicals is not a threat to the mutagens but also your hair since they will turn grey easily. Also, the use of different chemical hair products causes the strands to turn grey. 

You can prevent these signs of early hair maturing by using chia seeds. They have a high amount of various antioxidants which will help in reducing the concentration of the free radicals in the blood, thereby saving you both from cancer and a head full of grey hairs. 


chia seeds for hair growth


How to use the chia seeds for hair growth?

Usually, for applying the seeds topically on your hair, you need a chia seed hair gel that you can easily make at your home. Here’s a quick and effective way to make the gel. 

  • Soak the chia seeds in water and leave them overnight while keeping the jar covered. 
  • The next day, heat the content for approximately ten minutes with continues stirring and then strain it. 
  • Collect all the mucus substance and then add aloe gel freshly cut from the plant. 
  • For better work, you can also add a few drops of essential oil which will reduce your mental anxiety and lull you to sleep. 
  • Always use the gel on the strands and scalp after a shower. 


chia seeds for hair growth

Can Chia seeds be eaten?

Yes, you can even eat the chia seeds to enjoy their benefits for your hair. Several ways are there in which you will be able to consume the seeds in a tasty manner. 

How to eat the chia seeds for hair health?
  • A quarter cup of chia seed can be included in Greek yoghurt along with some assorted berries. 
  • Chia seeds can also be sprinkled on peanut butter or jelly toast.
  • The best way to eat chia seeds is by including this ingredient in your favourite smoothie.
  • Adding chia seeds along with flax and pumpkin seeds to the oatmeal is a very healthy way to consume the ingredient. 
  • If you are making homemade granola, add a little amount of chia seeds along with the seeds you are adding. 
  • Adding the chia seeds to the fruit salads with yoghurt is another way of consuming them. 


Here, we have explained the benefits of using chia seeds and how it will help you in hair growth and the improvement of the hair’s health. We also have explained the ways you can use the seeds- both topically and by eating. Now, based on your convenience, you need to choose the perfect way of using this ingredient. 

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