Vegetable Oil In Hair Treatment For Healthy Hair

The cosmetic industry is turning into an industry of billions of dollars, and some companies sell chemicals. These chemicals can affect the scalp and prevent the normal growth of hair. There are plenty of natural solutions available but knowing the right one is important- one being vegetable oil in hair.

Vegetable oil is one of those natural ingredients that help in providing resolution from all scalp problems. Some hair mask recipes are useful and easy to prepare. The most significant advantage is that all of them would be natural, so be it twice a week or thrice, there would be zero side effects. It is important to understand before using any of these masks, one has not to decrease the quantity of any ingredient on their own. 


vegetable oil in hair


Benefits of Vegetable Oil in Hair

1. Prevents dandruff 

Fungus is the major reason for dandruff, and it is essential to prevent its further growth because it gives rise to problems like hair fall, itchy scalp, etc. Vegetable oil has all the necessary natural ingredients that prevent dandruff. Coconut is one of those vegetable oils which is effective and shows results within a few days. 

2. Boosting the hair growth 

The chemicals present in the shampoos and conditioners often affect the growth of hair. Olive oil is the best way of supplying an adequate amount of proteins, antioxidants, and other ingredients to the hair. It boosts the growth of hair, and the results are marginal within a short period. 

3. Protecting the scalp from heat damage 

UV rays are not good for the scalp, and they generate problems like weak hair, split ends, and many others. Vegetable oil can protect the scalp from harmful rays and helps in getting shiny hair. 

Recipes of Vegetable Oil Hair Masks

1. Olive oil and honey 

There are plenty of benefits that olive oil offers and some among them are nourishment to the scalp, prevention of cell damage, etc. Giving proper shine to the hair is easy with the help of emollients present in honey. Preparing the hair mask from both of these ingredients is easy. 

One has to take a teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of olive. Now heat the mixture and supply the heat and stir the mixture, which will make it less dense. Ultimately one has to turn off the flame under the mixture and wait for the medicine to turn lukewarm.

No one has to take a spray bottle and spray some water on hair to make them wet. The last step is to give a gentle massage of the mixture properly to get absorbed in the scalp. After 40 minutes, one can wash their hair with lukewarm water. Repeat the same recipe twice a week. 


vegetable oil in hair

2. Coconut Oil and Egg 

Both of these ingredients are known for showing good results within a short period. There are many benefits of coconut oil, like boosting hair growth, preventing the loss of protein from the hair, etc. On the other hand, egg enhances the hair’s elasticity, adds shine, promotes growth, and many other benefits. Together these ingredients can make a hair mask that can solve many hair problems. 

One has to take two teaspoons of coconut oil and one egg. Now break the egg and mix it well in the oil. Ensure that the coconut oil is melted and is in a lukewarm state at the time of mixing. The mask has to stay on the scalp for 15 to 20 minutes. It is essential to give a good massage so that the mixture could be absorbed well in the scalp. 


vegetable oil in hair


3. Sunflower Oil and Banana 

Sunflower Oil has some incredible benefits like relief from dandruff, an itchy scalp, and many others. Many natural masks use sunflower oil because of dandruff and itchy common scalp problems that people often come across. Banana has antioxidants, potassium, and many other ingredients that make the hair smooth. One has to make sure they mash the banana well until it becomes smooth. 

Add sunflower oil to the mashed banana and mix it well. Now an individual has to make sure they give a good massage of the mixture in their head. Leave the mixture on the heat for 30 mins and after that, rinse off with hot water. One Can repeat the same twice in a week and notice some great results quickly. 


vegetable oil in hair

4. Olive Oil and apple cider vinegar 

Apple cider contains vitamins like B and C, and it also contains many minerals. All these vitamins and minerals prevent scalp problems like dandruff, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is essential to make sure that one is using the required amount of apple cider vinegar. The reason being is its acidic behaviour which is good up to a limit. In case an individual feels itchy after applying, then they can go for any other hair mask. 

Preparing this hair mask is easy, and for that, one has to take two teaspoons of olive oil and mix one teaspoon of apple cider in it. Now give a good massage of the mixture on your head and wait for 30 minutes after applying. Rinse off the mixture after 30 minutes with warm water. 


vegetable oil in hair


5. Olive Oil, Curd, and lemon 

Curd is a rich source of protein and biotin vitamin, which helps boost hair growth. On the other hand, lemon is a rich source of vitamin C, which helps form collagen, an important part of the hair. Together all these ingredients have some mesmerizing results. 

One has to take one teaspoon of olive oil, a cup of yoghurt, and a few drops of lemon. Mix all these ingredients well and apply them to the head. One has to make sure that they give a good massage of this mixture on their head. Leave the mixture on the heat for 30 minutes and after that, rinse off with warm water. Avoid doing the shampoo immediately after applying the mixture.

It can be done when an individual applies the mixture during the night and before sleep, rinse off the mixture with warm water. In the morning, one can wash their head with shampoo. One will notice that their hair has become silky and smooth



6. Raw milk, Olive oil, and honey 

Raw milk holds casein protein and many other proteins and vitamins that help in hair growth. It is easy to prepare this hair mask within a few minutes. 

One has to take 1 cup of raw milk, one teaspoon of olive oil, and two honey spoons. Now mix all of these ingredients well so that honey mixes up well. After mixing, one has to partition their hair so that the mixture reaches quickly to the scalp. Now one has to give a massage for 30 minutes, and after that, rinse off the head with warm water.

One can also add some curd to the mixture, and the quantity for that has to be 1 cup. Adding curd will make the mix viscous and will increase the protein level in the combination.  One can also add egg to this mixture but have to make sure that they sometimes do it well before applying. 


vegetable oil in hair


7. Tomato and Sunflower Oil 

There are vitamins and iron present in tomato juice which helps in the faster growth of hair. The vitamins also make the hair shiny and decrease hair loss marginally. There are many other benefits that an individual can enjoy by using tomato oil. 

The mixture of sunflower oil and tomato juice is easy to prepare, and for that, one has one tomato and one teaspoon of sunflower oil. Now mix both the ingredients well and give a gentle massage on the scalp for 15 minutes. After the massage, one has to wait for 30 minutes and then rinse off the hair with warm water. During the massage, one has to ensure that the mixture reaches the root of the hair. 


vegetable oil in hair


These are some hair masks that one can apply on their scalp and get rid of many problems. One thing which has to be ensured while using any of these hair masks is that any mask irritates the skin, then one has to stop applying that mask. There are other mask recipes available from which one can choose and avoid precisely those ingredients that cause redness or itchiness.

Getting the best results is possible when an individual continues the use of these natural hair masks. One can keep on trying different natural masks and can see which suits them the best.

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