Here Are The 10 Food TV Series For You To Keep Snacking On!

The nationwide lockdown has got everyone’s tummy craving for some good food, and without restaurants and food delivery services, foodies in the country are having quite a tough time.

This post lists down 10 delicious food series that are cooking online, which is sure to help you trace back the way to your heart through your tummy.

Ugly Delicious (Netflix)

American star chef and restaurateur David Chang airs his hunt for lip-smacking cross-cultural cuisines that is sure to fill your gut. Watch David Chang’s search for oddly satisfying cuisines around the world in this travel and food documentary series on Netflix and give your sore eyes an Ugly Delicious treat!


Salt Fat Acid Heat (Netflix)

Join chef Samin Nosrat in her travel around the world to explore how four basic elements of cooking, salt + fat + acid + heat add up to some of the most exciting dishes. In each episode, chef Samin focuses on one cooking element and travels to a destination to see how the element is used in different cuisines.


Chef’s Table (Netflix)

This Netflix hit food series celebrates the success of world-renowned chefs and their best dishes. The Emmy-nominated series will leave you hungry for tasty food as each chef shows you their unique style of cooking the most innovative dishes.


Highway on My Plate (Amazon Prime Video)

Remember watching Rocky and Mayur’s travel and food adventures on NDTV Good Times? Catch the celebrated Indian foodies travel & food diaries on Amazon Prime Video now. Highway on My Plate serves you food and drink from across India, along with some breath-taking views from the land of beauty!


The Chef Show (Netflix)

Jon Favreau joins chef Roy Choi in showcasing his love for good food in this hit Netflix food series. The duo cooks up the most appetizing recipes by traveling to different places and also collaborates with Hollywood celebrities in preparing exotic meals. Do we say any more?


Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan (Netflix)

Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan is a flavoursome Indian food series that takes you through the exotic land of flavours and cuisines – India! This Netflix series helps you explore different local cuisines with a bit of culture and history in each episode.


Gordon Ramsey: Uncharted (Disney + Hotstar)

Here comes the series of Master chef Gordon Ramsay! Watch the star chef travel across the globe in search for good food, and a taste of new culture. Of course, Gordon Ramsey cracks up the most interesting conversations and joins the locals in preparing their best meals.


Masters of Taste with Gary Mehigan (Disney + Hotstar)

Masterchef Australia surely misses flavour without chef Gary. But Disney + Hotstar is here to help Gary’s fans by airing Masters of Taste with Gary Mehigan. Watch chef Gary travel to India to explore the exotic cuisines of Mumbai and Delhi, from fine dining to street joints.


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Netflix)

Catch star chef David Chang in one more food series on Netflix! Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner takes you through different cities in the mission to taste the best of local food. But David is not alone in this journey; Explore David’s tasty journey alongside a new celebrity in each episode!


Somebody Feed Phil (Netflix)

Phil Rosenthal buckles up with family and friends on a world tour of food and drink. Watch Phil travel to different parts of the world, to get a bite of some of the mouth-watering local dishes to fill his hungry tummy.


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